Captain’s Log: Two Post Tuesday – Lines

This week’s photo challenge is Lines. I’m sneaking my entry in at the eleventh hour.




This is the best photo challenge I’ve seen for along while. Quite frankly, and I do hope someone from a WordPress reads this, quite a lot of them over the last twelve months or so have been so abstract you could post anything. I’ve found it pretty boring. You can disagree. It is, at least for the moment, a free world.

All three photos were taken earlier 5his evening using my Olympus TG3.

4 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: Two Post Tuesday – Lines

  1. I’m going to take the empty space to say that your birthday day apparently met expectations and then some – for which I am happy. I really like the photo with cows. Who can’t love a good cow pic? Can’t decide if the “line” between is keeping them out or us in. They seem to be welcoming you to cross the border.

    • Yes, it was good. I’m not sure what my expectations were, but had it been grey and cold – as it is this morning – I should probably have headed back
      home. The cows (the one at the front is a bull) are in the next field. They are very curious, and come to check you out.

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