Things that go bump on the knee


Wednesday night and the Boy and I are on the sofa. He’s sleeping as though he’s spent the day cleaning the flat from top to bottom (he hasn’t, there are paw prints on the windowsill and other things I’m not mentioning). I’m watching 24Hours in A&E and enjoying the human interest stories while admiring the wonderful professionalism and compassion of our NHS staff. People’s resilience is astounding.

I’ve got my left leg elevated after an accident that fortunately has not required a trip to A&E. One moment I was hurrying along the pavement wanting to get to the bank before I started work, the next I was sprawled on my face in the dust. A slightly raised paving slab and my failure to notice it were to blame. ‘Are you alright?’ said a concerned voice. ‘I don’t know yet,’ I answered, resisting the urge to get to my feet immediately and recover my dignity while I tentatively checked with my various parts to see if they were all still attached. They seemed to be, so I got to my knees, then to my feet. And oh the relief, my trousers were intact. I was expecting a jagged tear across the left knee which seemed to have taken the force of the fall. No grazes on my hands either. My sunglasses still on my nose. Hurrah!

I felt a trickle of blood from my knee go down my shin and knew my skin had been broken. Not quite so good. My white shirt was grubby, I dusted it off. People were very kind, reluctant to accept my assurances that although bruised, I was alright. I made it to the bank. I couldn’t apply a cold compress or even a plaster, but I guessed the next best thing was to keep moving. I didn’t have much choice anyway, my work kept me on my feet. I went to the theatre in the evening, so still no cold or warm compresses, and after sitting for the better part of three hours my knee felt very stiff. Home, and I was pleased MasterB was happy to follow me to bed as my ribs had decided to hurt too.

I don’t think I have done any lasting damage, but this morning I understood why my knee hurt so much going down stairs, I have an oedema just above it that makes it hurt when I bend it more than a small way. Hence the elevated leg tonight. So if anyone has any sure fire tips about how to reduce such swellings more than twenty-four hours after the event that has caused them, please let me know. Somehow I think the good folk at A&E have rather more important things to deal with.

10 thoughts on “Things that go bump on the knee

  1. Well, at least you stuck the landing.

    We know from knees encountering pavement – the stories we would likely share if we have a chance. One hint from a paid professional: lots of ice, front, back and sides, and with pressure. Take those bags of peas and tie them to your knee with a scarf.

    If it doesn’t improve in another day, take yourself to the A&E for the x-rays. Here’s hoping you have a spring in your step – or a careful slide down stairs with a hand on the railing – soon.

    • Interesting. I thought the cold pea approach should be used in the immediate aftermath. I’ll buy some on my way home from work today. A new bruise has come out on my hip. I am a right crock!

    • I am applying arnica. It feels as though it’s helping. It’s the indignity of falling on a crowded street that is so wounding when one doesn’t sustain a serious injury!

    • Thanks Anne. I went on to cut my finger tip then drop a heavy item on my other hand. I’m hoping that’s the third and last injury in the series…

    • Thanks Sophie. It already feels better though my knee is very colourful! I have again forgotten the sniper app you recommended for online auctions. Could you text or email it to me please?

  2. Sorry to hear about your fall and injury, Isobel. X-ray a good idea just to ensure your kneecap is still in one piece. Anti-inflammatories, cold dressing (but not too cold, you don’t want frost-bite like wot I gave myself) and elevation is standard advice.

    Hope you feel better soon and pen a stiff letter to the council for poor maintenance of pavement!

    • You gave yourself frostbite?! Crumbs.
      Despite not being able to administer first aid for some hours, a week on and I’m much recovered. In the spirit of a statement pinned up outside Buck House I shall post an update in a mo’.

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