The End of the Weekend

After a glorious day the wind is picking up. MasterB and I have had a little amble around a marina that is suddenly deserted. All but two of the cars have gone. The birds are singing still, though the cuckoos have gone silent. The cows have moved with their babies to the far end of their field. It’s still light, but sunset can’t be far off.
We’ve enjoyed a two and a half day break from the Smoke, arriving on Saturday evening and heading home tomorrow. Older Nephew came over yesterday and we set off promptly, surprised to find so little traffic on the river on such a warm sunny day. As we passed through Ely we realised that lots of boaters were just moored up and soaking up the rays. Beer and wine seemed to feature quite prominently, so we decided to join in and open the rather lovely bottle of red that Octavia had brought with her a month ago but which we had not drunk.
We saw the usual crop of birds, swans, geese, a heron, great crested grebes, and something I think was a female reed bunting.
It was all very relaxed, quite lazy, and thoroughly enjoyable. We ate, we drank, we listened to podcasts of old comedy shows, we talked. MasterB joined us eventually in the fore cabin. We’ve got the hang of making him a cushion citadel now so he feels secure, and I sat beside him, one hand in his fur most of the time.
Older Nephew has a landmark birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and once back at the marina I gave him his presents. They divided into two types, the proper present bought for him, and the family memento ones I thought he’d appreciate. I wrote a key to explain the significance of the latter. He’s keeping his proper present for the day itself, but he opened the memento ones and seemed pleased.
After he’d left, I tidied up a bit, read some more of Saturday’s paper and made some supper. I’d been hoping MasterB could have some supervised shore leave. Since his window opening exploits last year I have deployed garden canes to make sure the windows can’t be pushed open with a determined ginger paw. I need a longer cane in the fore cabin as I returned from a trip to the tap for fresh drinking water to find him sitting on the pontoon. I fetched his jacket and lead and we spent a good forty minutes outside. He turned into a predator, gazing fixedly at the long grass where I could discern no movement nor hear a sound. He crouched, moved slowly on his belly and there was a sudden panicked rustle as something made a get away. He would have stayed out longer, but I curtailed his entertainment. Tonight he wanted to come back on board after barely fifteen minutes.
He’s had my company for most of the day. I went out in the car this morning and paid Janet for the eggs Older Nephew picked up yesterday, had a chat and cuddled three of her dogs, then bought two kale plants and some bags of fresh salad at the organic farm nearby. The hedgerows are starting to fill with the poppies for which this part of the country is famous. I took a couple of photos with my ‘phone, annoyed that I hadn’t thought to take my camera.
Back at das Boot I covered my face and other exposed bits with sun screen and began the job of cleaning the boat. After a bit I began to enjoy it, the port side still needs a lot more elbow grease, but I had the satisfaction of seeing the results of my labours which is always very motivating. MasterB lay on the bed in the aft cabin. The doors were open to give him more air and the curtains closed to keep the sun out. He looked pretty relaxed.
Tomorrow I’ll pack up and head home, back to the city and work and look in my diary for when I can come back here again.

7 thoughts on “The End of the Weekend

  1. It sounds so delightful and I can hear the peaceful pace at which your weekend moves. Wednesday we are leaving for a short camping trip to the upper part of the lower peninsula of Michigan – where the little finger would be on the mitten. We are going to meet another couple there and our travel trailers will be side by side. We have gone places with them before and are looking forward to it. I really enjoy being away but with my bed, shower, loo, and kitchen with me. It is worth the work it takes to pack and unpack. I look forward to seeing the poppies in the hedgerow as I have fond memories of seeing them.

  2. MasterB has you coaxing him to join you, building a cushion fort, lavishing him with attention because he is oh so afraid. Then the moment you are out of the picture he’s sliding through narrow openings and sitting outside to meet you? It begins to sound like 50 Shades of Ginger to me.

    Got yet another shipment of friends going your way…not that any of them pay any attention to me. Beginning to sketch out our always to short visit as well. September is remarkably close.

    • The big difference is that he wants to get out and about when no one else is around. The noise of the boat engine, voices on the river, scenery moving passed him all spook him. Last night after I had gone to bed he tested the windows, then tested them again. Do the protagonists really behave like this in Fifty Shades? I’m getting a v odd idea of this book.

    • Has it been bad for you? We have had great weather. I missed the storms in London by going East, but on the way home today got caught in a downpour that was the heaviest I have ever seen. it was really quite scary. Is this what climate crisis is going to mean for us?

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