The world continues to turn. England is still in the World Cup. Wimbledon starts on Monday, and after weeks of dry, not to say hot, weather, rain is forecast. So some things are disorienting and some things are reassuringly normal.

MasterB is constantly, gorgeously himself. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Nothing like a kitty pic to take the edge off a horrible day. Mine is less horrible that it started out, so thank you for some Master B cheesecake

  2. Well, we seem to have swapped weather systems! I have never before experienced the cold,cloudy, windy stormy weather we are having here in Greece. One violent storm came so close,at 4.00 in the morning that it threw the switch on our mains supply and shook the house. Next door it was the first night of a children’s summer camp. I cant imagine how scared they must have been. At least I could close my windows to keep the lightning and hail out. All this follows a delight with no water in our taps for seven days. We took a bar of soap to the sea for our daily shower! All very weird. And they say in some quarters that there is no climate change! Lovely photos by the way!xxx

    • I don’t think that sounds like a swap! It is June so I’d be expecting warmth and sunshine here, but with the odd shower to keep things fresh. It’s not rained at all on weeks. The garden water butt has been empty for over a fortnight. We had terrible storms and flash floods at the end of May. I missed most of them as I was at the boat.

  3. Yay! What a wonderful summer we are having. I know we rain; however I am revelling in this glorious summer weather, day after day!

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