From Where I’m Sitting

Blue sky. Tree tops. I have to sit up to see more. Wood pigeons are calling. Leaves rustle on the trees. A bird I can’t identify peep peeps somewhere not far away. When we arrived there was a swan serene and calm. My starting the engine to check/charge the battery and ensure hot water for tonight didn’t seem to worry it. But after a while it moved off and into the river.

Blue sky and treetops

I was tempted not to come, despite having blocked these days out in my diary and written BOAT across them. I’m tired. My boat days should have started yesterday, but I still hadn’t found time to book the train and coach journeys in New Zealand to get me between various locations. The coach site was annoying. It decided early on I was looking to book two seats and no matter how many times I tried to correct it, that was what came up in my basket. I was going to cancel and try again but I got a message saying I might not be able to get seats at all. I emailed the company, and had some lunch. Of course no one replied; what was I thinking? It was the middle of the night there. So after humming and hawing for a while, I took the plunge.
In the evening I got a reply to my email. It was suggesting that the error was mine and offered a number I could call. I replied pointing out I had emailed about the problem before confirming my booking, was on the other side of the world, and had spent around half an hour trying to get the site to ‘modify’ what was in my basket.
It’s a long story and in the end I got a refund, but the company insisted all the time the error was mine. I found this tedious and patronising.
Despite this and the disappointment of England being knocked out of the World Cup (I couldn’t bear to watch), I slept well. This morning I was slow and sluggish, and if I had more free dates in my diary  to come East should probably have stayed at home.
Celia, who has been in Wales for weeks, is back in London, and kindly gave me a second coffee while we caught up a little. My neighbour Jolita will water the plants, my bags were in the car. I lifted MasterB from the drawer under the bed where he was sleeping and away we came.
The traffic wasn’t bad; a few hold ups, but I was congratulating myself on having covered most of the miles before the end of the school day and the hoards of parents who collect their children by car,  when we came to a sudden stop. Roadworks, I thought, temporary traffic lights. But I was wrong. Car after car in front of me turned and came back where we had come. I reached the front of the queue and followed suit. I hadn’t seen much, but it was enough. A red car across the road, doors open, glass on the ground. The detour was long but effective and we met fire engines racing towards us, making me wonder if someone needed to be cut free.
Always a cautious driver, I became doubly so.

I stopped at Janet Eggs and picked up some freshly laid. Then onto the marina. There is no one else around. A man I didn’t recognise returned in his boat after I had got everything on board and was busy stowing it away, making the bed up and feeding MasterB. My neighbours’ boat is out, so I am guessing the only other car is theirs, though it’s at the other end of the marina.
MasterB settled down for a snooze, and seems completely relaxed.


It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. I know somewhere on this sceptred isle Trumplestiltskin has landed. I’ll miss the protests which I should have joined had I been in London, and I’ll miss the balloon of him as a baby, which I should have liked to see. But I shall be happy not to see him, and I may not listen to or watch the news until Saturday by which time he will be in Scotland, not as far away as I’d like this loathsome man to be, but at least he’s not in East Anglia.

Older Nephew is visiting tomorrow and hoping to swap the radio and cassette player that doesn’t work for a CD player that does. I suspect he’ll also want to go out for a potter on the river, so I shall be making a cushion citadel for MasterB.

Shades of lavender

5 thoughts on “From Where I’m Sitting

    • My what i’m Reading is absolutely out of date, I finished Emma Healey’s Whistle in the Dark a couple of hours ago. I’ going to start rereading Middlemarch, and I am slowly reading Harriet Harman’s Woman’s Work which is excellent and both timely and thought provoking.

  1. Enjoyed this, Isobel. I have only had time for Instagram as CH is recovering from Macular Hole surgery done Thursday and we are still trying to get settled in Florida… all progress halted there because of his surgery. Nice to comment here again… I am thankful for Instagram!

      • We bought in January and moved here June 9th… we are happy! Well, except for the red tide, CH is slowly recovering. He won’t be able to drive for 3 to 6 months. We will know if the macular hole surgery was successful in 6 to 8 weeks. He knows you are sending your best wishes! Thanks Isobel!

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