the end of the day

I’m working on Monday so it’s back to the Smoke tomorrow. The forecast is for
a hot day, so I’ll try to leave in the morning. The evening might be cooler, but there’ll be lots of traffic with people returning at the end of the weekend.

I’d like to be able to stay on. Stay on until I become restless. Right now, being on the boat with some human contact and some internet access, but not too much of either, suits me down to the ground. I’m hanging out with MasterB. Doing a bit of gentle boat cleaning after the rigours of scrubbing the covers, eating lots of salad, drinking lots of water and a bit of wine. The pace is so slow you might not even realise I was moving. I am very happy to not do very much, to recharge my batteries by vegetating.

For the first time in ages I brought my Lumix camera with me. I haven’t taken many pictures, but just using it again reminds me what a different experience it is to my trusty little Olympus,.

I’d like to stay and let the sights and sounds of summer in the country sink into me, so that the big skies, the scent of lavender, the bees, the pennants moving in the breeze, the squawk of the moorhen, the swan dipping its neck into the sun reflected water, are all filling my senses, so that Brexit, Trump and all the other noise and nonsense dims into insignificance for a while. 

All of which tells me I’m  tired. I knew that already of course, but these few days have underlined the need to pace myself, to say no to work and social events before I start to feel ragged.

I love London, but City life is demanding and fairly relentless. The boat allows me to relax in ways I can’t at home, where there are always cupboards to be sorted,  surfaces to be wiped, dusting to be done. That is of course also true of das Boot, but it’s on a much smaller more manageable scale, and I am determinedly ignoring how much the port side of the boat needs cleaning. I shan’t be back here until next month, and by then I shall also have enjoyed a week at Cousin’s, so by the end of August I am hopeful I shall feel refreshed, restored and full of energy once more.

But now I’m going to make tracks for bed. It’s not quite dark, but the sun is sinking low, and before it’s disappeared completely I am planning to be asleep.

Sweet dreams.


2 thoughts on “the end of the day

  1. “Stay on until I become restless” – what an excellent thought. May one come along, at least in spirit? Peaceful moments in peaceful places are so hard to find these days.

    • You’re making st welcome. I’m home now, but I could have very happily stayed on. A friend stayed at a convent, or maybe it was a monastery, on an island near Glasgow. Said it was blissful.

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