Oh Olympus TG3, Thou Art Sick

MasterB is fully recovered from his anaesthetic, and the fur on his throat is beginning to grow back.

Bare throat

He’s not so keen on the return of the hot weather. We enjoyed two days of lower temperatures and I assumed wrongly that summer would resume a more reasonable temperate course. The humidity builds up, and you think there’s going to be a storm, but then the winds come along and blow the humidity away leaving us with more temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s. Too hot for central London, and a country where we are ill equipped for extremes of weather.

I am starting to fantasise about rain; proper rain, though a good long shower to soak the earth and freshen the air would do. We haven’t had rain here since 28th May. And it would be really nice to have day off from watering the plants.

Guarding a watering can

But I have another poorly patient; my little Olympus Tough is unwell. Not so tough after all apparently. The pictures above were taken with my Lumix G!. I’m hoping the Olympus just needs a new battery, but I’ll need to take it to camera hospital tomorrow to see what the diagnosis is. It started losing its charge very quickly, and then not charging properly at all.

I’m guessing I’ve had it around four years now, which isn’t very long, but it means it’s beyond the guarantee. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed it’s not a more serious diagnosis.


3 thoughts on “Oh Olympus TG3, Thou Art Sick

  1. Been distracted – did I miss the MasterB diagnosis? As for the camera – it is so frsutrating when electronics decide to die. Just back from a gallery show of Precisionism – that’s the American term – for artists of the early part of the 20thC and their engagement of skyscrapers, machines and their “new technology”. Many parallels between then and now in both wonderment and the sneaking suspicion that all this bright shiny new gear may not be good for us in the long term.

    Anyway – long way around to say there was the most beautiful Land camera – a Christmas gift from Land himself – gorgeous presentation box – and I bet it works just fine

    • No the tooth problems are apparently something lots of cats get and they – the vets, not the cats -don’t know why. My frustration continued today, I think I’ll do a quick post about it to clarify my thinking.

      Cameras can be very beautiful. I still have my OM 1 and I don’t think I could ever part with it. I don’t use it now, but the feel of it in my hand is still wonderful. I’m sure it still works too!

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