Back in Co Derry Again

London was 32C as I trundled my bag up the road to the railway station and on to the airport. I’d packed a cardigan and a waterproof at the top of my bag for easy access. The forecast for Belfast was for 16C. It wasn’t supposed to look like this:


But it was cooler. Much cooler. For the first time in weeks I slept under a full weight quilt. Most nights recently I haven’t had so much as a sheet over me at night. It felt good.
It must have rained a little in the night as when I woke the flagstones were wet. More rain was forecast and the skies had a grey look about them. So when Westie Boy and I embarked on our morning constitutional I wore my waterproof. I was glad enough of it to start as there was a nip to the air, and for a few hundred yards I thought it would have been nice to have gloves too. But the rain held off, and the sun made fitful appearances through the cloud.

I took photos in the predictable places. More than one of you will by now be familiar with the sights of this part of Co Derry.

White House and pink hydrangea

Slieve Gallion

By the time we walked again in the early evening all threat of rain had gone. The skies were blue and the sun was warm.

Field on the hill

High sky

Today has been a similar story.

And in case you are wondering about this boy:

The incomparable Master B

He and Older Nephew are having quality time together in my flat.


7 thoughts on “Back in Co Derry Again

  1. I can relate to your temperature-based baggage problems – been doing a regular commute from north to south for family reasons with the concomitant 30 degrees temperature variation. So lovely to hear you are roaming the countryside with WestieBoy again. We are headed England way in a month.

    • It poured last night. Cousin and I were shopping. We had finished our purchases but there was a sheet of water cascading from the heavens. We returned to the tills with umbrellas. By the time we reached the door the rain had stopped.
      There’s a moral in there somewhere.

    • We have had sunshine and showers today. It has felt like spring. Now it’s a beautiful evening and we’re heading to a performance at Heaney Homeplace.

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