Halfway Point

So where was I? Kittens maybe.

Dizzy and Dora

You might at first glance wonder where Dora is, but you can see a little of her behind her more dominant brother.
Or perhaps I was talking about plants and photographing them when walking the dog.




The dog in question this afternoon was Westie Pup, now grown up and as cuddly as can be. But pictures of her will have to wait. We were at the seaside and enjoyed a short walk under skies that were grey.

Seascape and stacks





10 thoughts on “Halfway Point

  1. Where’s the cat who looks like Queen Victoria? And as long as I’m being demanding, I definitely want to see WestiePup all growed up!

    • We had rain overnight, so even greener today. Little touches of autumn starting to appear with confers forming on the trees, rosehips in abundance and more blackberries each day.

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