Of Cooler Days, Poetic Blackberries, and Sunshine Yellow Flowers

Celia remarked yesterday that the long weeks of relentlessly high temperatures and continuous sunshine seem like a distant dream. She’s right, though it’s still been warm, there is a definite end of summer feel. This evening it’s been raining with a determination which is doubly annoying as I forgot to take something out of the car earlier. Also I closed my windows to keep the rain out and I felt rather too warm, so the sounds of rain fizzling to a stop has been most welcome.

Maybe if it cools down there may still be blackberries when I eventually get to das Boot. I picked lots in NI to have with my breakfast and to add to yoghurt, which was all very geographically appropriate as it is what the Tourist Board likes to call Heaney country.

Blackberries in Heaney Country

In the East, I was planning to do my usual afternoon of blackberry picking in Reach and then freeze most of them to enjoy in the winter.

At home the sunflower plant that had one glorious flower when I left, now has several. The second plant is a few stages behind, but it looks like that will be following suit soon. In fact, there’s a bit of a yellow theme going on. The yellow tomatoes are ripening, the yellow dahlia is in flower, as is the other plant whose name I forget.

MasterB, who was languid in the hot weather; disinclined to play, sleeping as stretched out as he could manage, and less interested in his dinner than usual, has recovered his mojo. He’s been out once today, conquering his anxieties about Hartley’s presence in the garden to say hello to Celia for whom he has a decided partiality. This evening we have been up and down the stairs to the street door several times, as well as playing energetically with a sock ball; me throwing, MasterB chasing, catching and quelling. All very impressive. I’m hoping it’s prepared him for sleep, as I am working in the morning and plan to have an early night.

6 thoughts on “Of Cooler Days, Poetic Blackberries, and Sunshine Yellow Flowers

  1. I love how sunflowers are sunflowers wherever they grow – big and in your face. They force you to smile. Blackberries too.

    • Spot on. There is something very benevolent about sunflowers. I am hoping they will seed themselves and that next year we shall have a sunflower forest.

  2. Mr Mouse behaved exactly like MasterB during the hot weather – languid, stretched out in the sun or on the kitchen floor (quarry tiles, nice and cool) and off his food. He is now active and the greed is back! (As a rescue cat, his response to food is to eat everything in sight until he is as round as a drum – I have to ration his food quite carefully and I try to discourage the neighbours from believing his lies about starvation.)

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