Wedding Photo With Dog

Octavia used to have some paper table napkins inscribed frugal is such an ugly word. I don’t mind frugality. It makes room for the occasional splurge. I’m rather more uncomfortable with excess, something modern weddings seem to have a lot of.

So I like this photo of my parents with friends and family (mostly my father’s family as my mother married in England in the days before cheap air travel). The date was 28th August 1948, so today would have been their 70th wedding anniversary.

Mum and Dad’s wedding 28th August 1948

No one could accuse the outfits of being excessive. No fascinators, and only a few hats. My grandmother, pictured holding my father’s hand, looks very plainly attired. In 1948 clothes were still rationed, so my mother wore the best dress she owned, and remained miffed for a very long time that her sister Margaret, her matron of honour, wore a much nicer one. I have family pictures of weddings in the 20s where the brides are in white flapper dressers, with veils held in place with floral wreaths, so this picture of this wedding is very much of its time.

But the thing I like most about it is the dog. How many formal wedding photos do you know where the family dog is right in the centre of the picture, in the front row? Whatever my mother thought of her new in-laws, and she thoroughly disliked my father’s father, she shared the love of animals which runs through the veins of everyone in my family. It’s not a bad place to start.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Photo With Dog

  1. I, too, lean toward frugality although I do like nice things and activities that make me happy. I’m not a big fan of excess and think carefully about what I spend my money on. And I believe that spending a lot of money on an expensive wedding is not a good investment in a lasting marriage. The U.S. reality show “Say Yes to the Dress” and a couple of other wedding shows are giving the message that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams without spending at least $2,000 on the dress alone. They send the message that you can’t have a nice wedding without spending at least $10,000 (USD). It reminds me of the woman I met while looking for a dress for my daughter’s wedding. She was about 45 years old and trying on a traditional type wedding dress – saying it was her 7th marriage. I think she enjoyed getting married more than she enjoyed being married.

    • Oddly enough I met a colleague today who proposed we marry. I said I’d bear his offer in mind, but I wouldn’t want a big wedding.
      People confuse frugality with miserliness. Like you I like nice things. I don’t have a huge income, so am happy to economise in some things to enjoy the benefits of other things.

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