Changing Seasons, Sunshine, and Self-Pity

The day is warm, the skies are blue and I am feeling sorry for myself.

The reason? I have a cold. An unaccountably achy neck and shoulder on Friday was the herald of a lurgy to mark the change from summer to autumn. By yesterday morning I was sneezing and using up paper hankies at an impressive rate. By evening my nose was as pink as MasterB’s. Some might even say pinker.

Mr Pink Nose

Somehow it doesn’t look as cute on my face.

I was out and about with a cousin-in-law then home and not doing very much at all other than reading the paper. And even that I found quite hard. So no surprise that I went to bed early, slept surprisingly well and woke to find the cold had moved to my hips and my back.

I’d hardly swallowed my coffee before the sneezing began in earnest again. Thank goodness for over the counter medication. Two capsules and twenty minutes later the sneezing had slowed and I was merely nose blowing at frequent intervals. I began sneezing again an hour ago so knew it was time for a second dose.

The temptation to spend the day on the sofa doing nothing is strong, but this afternoon I want to go on a tour of West Norwood cemetery which I explored on my own earlier in the year. I’m going armed with a box of paper hankies, a bottle of water and my little camera. If it all proves too much I can come home again and wallow.


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