Losing the Lurgy, Tax Returns, I Object, and the 2019 Ginger Ninja Calendar

My clients yesterday, morning and afternoon, were very tolerant and indeed sympathetic of my almost constant nose blowing and intermittent sneezing. Where does all this fluid come from? And why? A whole big box of paper hankies used in twenty-four hours. So I made it through, considerably relieved that my colleague Simon had agreed to take on the job I was supposed to be doing today.

At home, I subsided onto the sofa and I was in bed by nine o’clock. MasterB was sweetly accommodating of my low energy. I slept almost immediately, but woke up sometime after midnight, and after that I think I slept fitfully. Anyway, I didn’t feel exactly refreshed when seven o’clock rolled around. But onwards and upwards, or perhaps upwards and onwards, and knowing I had avocado, watermelon and pomegranate seeds to top my toast motivated me into the kitchen.

Having passed on my job meant I was free to use my press invite to the preview of the I Object exhibition which opens at the British Museum on Thursday. Do go, it’s a fascinating display of how people have shown their dissent, often very subtly, across the world and down the centuries. My favourite is a penny that is usually on display in the money gallery on level 3. It’s been inscribed with the words Votes for Women. The care, determination and daring of so many of these acts of dissent is impressive, and inspiring. All the pieces are in the British Museum’s collection, so if you don’t get to catch them all exhibited in the same space, you could still trawl the museum at a later date.

The afternoon was spent in more prosaic but necessary chores; washing and ironing; collating all the information I need to send to the accountant for my 2107-18 tax return. Before I go to New Zealand I want all of that done, and of course the next big item on my to do list is putting the Ginger Ninja calendar together so I can get it printed before the end of October. So if you want a copy or two, please could you let me know so I can decide how many to have printed. I’m emailing the printer when I finish this post to find out what the cost will be, then I need to check out the postal rates.

I shan’t be late to bed tonight I suspect. I’m comfort reading Mort by Terry Pratchett. Many years ago I listened to Nigel Planer reading it while I painted the flat.

But right now it’s week two of GBBO, so I’m going to sit back and watch some cake baking, and probably use up some more hankies.


4 thoughts on “Losing the Lurgy, Tax Returns, I Object, and the 2019 Ginger Ninja Calendar

  1. Ach – such a fevered post full of tidbits to respond to.
    Thanks for the I Object rec – read something not favorable in the Guardian but had been planning to see if possible during our very short visit.
    Ninja calendars – of course sign me up for two, as usual, because I must spread the Ginger Gospel. Your photos of him make everyone who sees the calendar smile.
    Hope Simon doesn’t find out that you’ve been bunking off from sick bed to culture vulture for the day.

    • Do please spread the ginger gospel far and wide! Perhaps I should be sending you the two current versions to comment on.
      I was only at the BM for an hour or so, v different from a long day out in Wiltshire!

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