Captain’s Log 4th October 2018

The forecast for today was good, so when I woke up to a morning where the thick mist muted the birdsong, I assumed it would burn off in an hour or so and the sun would shine down on das Boot. Breakfast, shower, washing up all accomplished and still no sun, MasterB had retreated to under the rug in the forecabin, placed on the seating to protect the upholstery from cats’ claws. So I kept my layers on, turned on the car heater and set off on my travels.
Nial and Jan met me at the cemetery. We were all armed with gardening tools, and I had a selection of bulbs. The chrysanthemum I had planted on my father’s grave had vanished, but at Aunt’s more extensive plot (Dad was cremated, so it’s just a small marker stone showing where his ashes were buried) we were pleasantly surprised to find quite a few plants were flourishing. So many in fact that quite a few of the bulbs will be coming back to London with me, even after planting a clutch of them on Dad’s grave.

We said our goodbyes as the sun finally broke through and I had a wander by the river beside where Aunt used to live. There were lots of memories, but no ghosts. By the time I was back in the car driving back to Reach and the organic farm shop, I was in one layer less, and the car windows were wide open. Gorgeous gorgeous afternoon, autumn colours in the trees arching over the roads, the last blackberries ripening, the sky a clear, bright blue.
A message from Older Nephew who I did not expect to see said he was back from Brussels and can come to the marina tomorrow. Looks like my cleaning plans are going to be replaced with a river trip.



4 thoughts on “Captain’s Log 4th October 2018

    • Yes, I stood and looked at the building for a while, remembering being there when Aunt was alive, her meeting me at the door, and then those last days of clearing her flat and driving away after her funeral.

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