Around Auckland

I have far too many pictures to post them all, but these should give you a flavour of some of our ambles on Monday after I had bought my new shoes, of which more later.
Two notable things about this arch of obvious Maori influence: the lower stones are real stones, the higher ones are made of fibreglass for health and safety reasons; the gate stands at the top of the street which, it’s planned, will eventually be pedestrianised. Nice.

Arch of stones and fibreglass

Like many towns and cities today, Auckland abounds in pieces of public art. Some are obvious, some easy to miss. Here are some I photographed.

Women’s suffrage

Some buildings are architecture and art combined, as in these toilets (and there are more toilets to come in a post one of these coming days, and the public library.

Public toilets on site of street formerly home to tailors

Public library

Poem outside library

I took a series of photos of benches where the words change by one letter at a time, ending up with the same words (there’s one on each side) at the end of the street. Clever, as Celia likes to say.
Auckland has a good number of old and interesting buildings, and new and interesting buildings. We ended the afternoon, by then early evening, in the oldest pub. I’d recommend it.

Oldest pub original building

Oldest pub extension

If you want to get around quickly, you might want to try one of these snazzy electric scooters. They have only been available for Aucklanders to hire for a couple of weeks, but you see them everywhere.

Snazzy scooter for hire

Coming soon, fabulous toilets and a miraculous lunch.

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