Bloody Brexit and a Beautiful Blue

Honestly, you travel halfway round the globe and you can still meet a Brexiteer. It least it wasn’t Arron Banks, yet another sorry apology for a human being who bankrolled the Leave campaign. Obviously I am not able to watch Channel 4 news here in NZ, but I did see, via Twitter, this man, who does not seem to have the barest acquaintance with truth, being vilely rude to Fatima Manji. Just google Banks Channel 4 news and you can see it too. He accuses Channel 4 news of having an agenda. Yes it does, an agenda to get to the bottom of stories. Banks’ agenda, shamefully assisted by the BBC, is to obfuscate. What has happened to the BBC? I used to be so proud of it. But it has let Banks get away with an interview on the Andrew Marr show so full of inconsistencies it is worse than a leaky sieve.

Fatima Manji remained polite and pleasant throughout Bank’s boorishness for which she must surely deserve an OBE. Most of us would have clocked him. However, anyone watching that encounter who still thought Banks credible or even likeable must have serious issues. And that is frightening, because there seem to be sizeable numbers of people who condone his bullying, even smile upon it. He’s a bad boy of Brexit, a bit of a lad, all right at heart. But he’s not, he’s a nasty nationalist who wouldn’t understand patriotism if it leapt up and bit him. Is this truly the face of my company try’s future?

I did smile, in a sad and cynical sort of way, at a tweet by Andrew Parnall retweeted by Andrew Sykes. I’ll see if I can copy it.look away now if you don’t like swearing:

Fuck fucking #Brexit, fuck respecting a fucking vote achieved by fucking cheating and breaking the fucking law. Fuck the racists, fucking fascists and fucking xenophobes. Fuck no deal Brexit, fuck ANY Brexit.

Please feel free to copy and paste, I swear so you don’t have to..

Anyway. Other things. Great visit to the Waitomo caves today, and two more lined up for tomorrow. We left lovely Taupo, a place I should gladly have spent more time in, after breakfast. Once again we drove through glorious scenery. Is there an ugly part of New Zealand?

Over dinner tonight we watched cows and their calves in the field across the road. Some are tiny and were running about like large dogs. Lovely to see them in family groupings. It seems accepted practice here to separate the heifers and their babaies.

There was a cat at the motel in Taupo and I managed to have a cuddle, though not get a picture when I returned our key. Tonight I made friends with the cat at this motel. She is very pretty and looks like a Russian Blue. When I have a strong enough signal for my ‘phone which I used to take the pictures you can judge for yourselves.

Thank goodness for cats. And cows.

2 thoughts on “Bloody Brexit and a Beautiful Blue

  1. So there was no wayward Brexiteer on the road that you ran into? Thank goodness. Motel pets who meet the guests are the best welcome a traveler could want. With the decline of bookshops, I would expect more working cats to pursue opportunities in the hospitality industry.

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