Hello Hilda

My lovely Catsitter Birgit sent me a photo of MasterB. It was the first email I opened this morning. My boy looked content and relaxed which is wonderful. The downside was the picture made me immediately homesick. Gosh I am missing my boy.
Over the last two days we have been up and down in Wellington. Yesterday we started at ground level, walking along the harbour. It was Armistice Day, and there was a certain military presence among the shorts and ice creams.

Military presence

We resisted the kayaks and paddle boards, but stopped to look at sculptures and buildings.


Into the wind

There was evidence of yarn bombing.

Yarn bombed clawed foot

Our meanderings meant we were still in the harbour area at lunchtime, so we sat in the shade near the boathouses and ate our packed lunches.



Next we got distracted from our goal by nice houses and mosaics.

A contender if Nadia wins the lottery


not to mention views across the water.


But finally we began to climb the path to the top of Mount Victoria. There were more distractions en route.

Hanging oyster shell


Snow the dog

There was a lot of up and a certain amount of down. The worst up was in full sunshine. In shade it might have been more pleasant. We paused to watch planes coming into land on the narrow strip of land that is Wellington airport. Then it was the 1939 look out point. A classy structure we had almost to ourselves.

Old lookout Mount Victoria

A few more hundred yards and a friendly dog later brought us to the new lookout point. It was rather more crowded, and an evident hit with coach tours.

Crowd at the new look out point

We were rewarded by more fabulous views. I ate my apple and Nadia drank coffee from her thermos flask. I also managed to photograph a tui.


On the way down we met another friendly dog called Cooper who was absorbed in a pine cone.

Cooper the dog with his pine cone

Today we reached our viewpoints by water. Or rather we reached the bottom of the track to our viewpoint by water. Somes Island. If you used to read the Famous Five, this island is rather how I imagined Kirrin Island would be. Kirrin Island with a Maori twist.


It was a fairly gentle walk up to the top. Much of the path was shaded and there were viewing stops at strategic points. We were very taken with the lighthouse.

Viewpoint Somes Island

This way

Lighthouse from the summit

Summit Somes Island

By lunchtime we were back on the ferry and on our way to Days Bay, where again we found a shaded bench to eat our packed lunches. There were people on the beach and school children enjoying a relaxed class.

Beach and pier

There were people fishing, they had brought their dogs with them.

Ringo and owner go fishing


There were real seagulls and ceramic ones.

Real seagull

Ceramic gull[/caption]
The ferry took us back to Wellington. We watched a plane taking off into the blue skies.

Take off

And looked at Mount Victoria which seemed bigger than it had yesterday.

Mount Victoria from the water

4 thoughts on “Hello Hilda

  1. I get the feeling that your first set of hosts lulled you into an easy up and down version of island living and now Nadia has stepped up the game with packed lunches and miles to climb. It continues to look fab. Does Auckland feel culturally different from Wellington? Obviously they have hills in common.

    • 😺not at all. N is following a diet and I am happy to take packed lunches – it’s what I do at home and guarantees I get to eat something I like! We had lunch out on Sunday, and probably will again. Also I have just st discovered a local Turkish restaurant.p which looks promising. The walking was very much part of the plan, though tomorrow it’s going to be mainly in town and going into galleries. Yes, there is a different vibe to the two towns. Of course Wellington is bigger, and is the capital, so there’s a greater government presence. I shall try to think what the differences are. Good question!

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