Rest Day

All this culture and sightseeing is hard work, so today I had a rest day. Nadia was working in the garden. She hasn’t lived in this house for long, and it’s a bit of a project. She has lots of plans for when time and money allow, and as it was yet another glorious day, she was keen to get into her gardening gear and get on with it.
I hung out the washing, and performed a few indoor chores, prepared some food for tonight, and once the sun had dropped a little, set off to explore Upper Hutt, a ten minute walk away and a chance to look at the neighbours’ houses.

Garden furniture

So far my knowledge of this neighbourhood has been confined to the walk from the station to the supermarket and then home.
I was surprised to find how big it is. There is lots I didn’t see, but I homed in on a shop selling eco friendly products and second hand vinyl. Then I found the Turkish restaurant. I was hoping for a deli attached too, but it wasn’t to be. However, a few doors down I found the Indian shop which is where I shall head if I run out of lentils. The independent book shop was frankly disappointing, but at the chain store I found an A-Z of London in convenient size for just $5. Bargain.
Not sure about the gun shop though.
The cycle racks are well designed, there is far more street sculpture and art than I photographed on this tour.

Walk this way

Cool bin

Monsters go this way

Spaghetti bike rack

Cool bike rack

Not sure about this one

I shall have to go back.


Beast bird


On the way home I saw a ginger and white cat who sensibly stayed by his house and watched me go by.

Discreet ginger and white

The noisy dog barked at me, and then I met Cheryl. Or rather I met Pixie, one of Cheryl’s two cats and then I met Cheryl.


Her second cat, Eddie, is a black fluff ball, and shy, so he kept his distance.

Distant Eddie

Pixie was very much up for a cuddle.
Cheryl and I chatted (my arrival had interrupted her gardening) and she asked me where I was from. She has recently been to London on holiday and missed her cats so we were on the same page. A Jack Russell appeared around the hedge.

Joey the not lost Jack Russell

He was happy and friendly, but did not have anyone with him. Cheryl and I looked up and down the road. Fortunately the dog had a collar so we established he is called Joey. Cheryl tried ringing the number, but the phone was turned off. Joey seemed willing to lie on his back having a tummy rub indefinitely. I think the people down here have a dog, said Cheryl, and turned down a driveway. Joey leapt to his feet and ran ahead of her, turning in at a gate. Thank goodness for that.
Tomorrow I shall resume my cultural activities, and Nadia will continue her gardening. But it has been very nice to have a quiet day.


3 thoughts on “Rest Day

  1. The Kitty Cuddler, roaming the streets of Wellington looking for a likely kitty and then having to make conversation with the cat’s person. I know that’s not exactly how it happens, but I enjoy the image.

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