There’s a walking trail from near Nadia’s house to Petone which she hadn’t had the opportunity to try out. I wanted to visit to Petone. Thus our plan for today was hatched. The trail follows the Hutt River, and so is imaginatively named the Hutt River Trail.

I have had a blister on my foot which is both surprising as I have been wearing my boots for some years, and painful, but today it was quite quiet. I have run out of Devil’s Claw tincture which I take for my poorly knee and Nadia has sore ankles.

Nonetheless we set out with high hearts. It’s a shared walking and cycling trail. Quite early on I remarked that it would be great to do on a bike. For me the absolute highlight was seeing a Tui in the tree directly above me. I stared at it, then reached for my camera. Too late, it flew away. There was a nice section through bush, but to be honest, as walks go, it was pretty dull, with little variety to keep us interested. Unsurprising we saw my cyclists than walkers. After 16km we called it a day and took the bus into Petone and a latish lunch.

The most interesting bit

The map

Nadia decided to return home and left me to explore the town. Jackson Street is home to an impressive number of eateries, including, to my utter delight, a cat adoption café, Neko Ngeru. Neko is Japanese for cat, and Ngeru is the Maori word for cat. Bliss.

Cat adoption café

Inside there was a serving counter, various cat related things for sale. I was tempted by a black cat fridge magnet,

The counter

I was allowed through the doors into the cat room. There are some resident cats, and some up for adoption. One rather overweight tabby was making friends with me until he thought there was a chance of food, whereupon he shot in the direction of his bowl, followed by a younger much slimmer tabby.

Quite a chubby cat

Inside the café’s cat room

There’s a slight chance I may return to Petone tomorrow, in which case I shall go back to the café, though my main aim would be to visit the museum. I have not yet checked it is open on Sundays.

Petone Settlers’ Museum

Symbolic prow

I arrived at the doors shortly after it closed today. But my walk down to the Esplanade had not been in vain, as en route I had seen a cat in a window, and then I met Sam a lovely Lurcher who is due to have an operation to repair a cruciate ligament, poor chap.

Sam the lurcher

Cat in the window

There was also a dachshund walking along the beach.

Dachshund on the beach

I was very impressed with the community garden by the police station.

Community garden

Seats by the community garden

But you now my knee was letting me know it was time to return to Nadia’s so I walked up to the station and caught the train back.

Petone railway station

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