A Backward Glance

I go home in two days. Last night I arrived back in Auckland and was reunited with Lyn and Malcolm. The coach journey had been long but not particularly eventful. We left Napier over half an hour late as the driver had to wait for the coach from Wellington to arrive. So one delay lead to another. I had to change coaches at Taupo. More delays as there was a cycle race around the lake, so we stood in the drizzle by the two portaloos before finally boarding. The coach was pretty full. I got a seat next to a young woman and sat down. Unfortunately there was a woman with two young children in the seats behind us. I say unfortunately as the children cried and kicked our seats. Thank heavens for noise cancelling headphones.
When the woman and her children got out some two hours later, the young woman beside me turned to me with relief. Apparently the children had been swearing for most of the journey.
Auckland toady is wet. It may be wet tomorrow. I don’t know. But it is fairly safe to assume most of photos have now been taken.
I haven’t written about everywhere I have visited, nor have I posted pictures of all the places I have seen, though you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.
So I thought today and tomorrow I might put up some of those pictures. Not necessarily the best, the most carefully composed, they are snaps, things that remind me of different stages and people I have met on this journey. I’ll try to put up some more tomorrow.
First up the miracle worker who prepared my fabulous lunch when we visited the Hundertwasser toilets.

The miracle worker

This panel was close by.

Remembrance of animals past

Boat house

Just one of many boathouses now being used for other purposes.
Two birds by water.

Two shags on a branch

The walkway to the look out point in Wellington.

Southern Walkway

Public protest in Wellington.

Teachers’ march Wellington

6 thoughts on “A Backward Glance

  1. “Two shags on a branch” sounds like the start of a bad joke. You cannot possibly come home yet because, and I think I speak for all of us, we are enjoying the travel commentary and photos so much.

    Okay, if you must as reality does intervene, but we are looking forward to the next installment of “Isobel on Tour: Cats and Loos”. Seriously, these two things that make my travels more enjoyable.

    Safe travels home and may you have a joyous reunion with the MasterB

    • The shag on a rock/beach/branch is a phrase you can hear a lot here. Always worth a snigger.
      I shall post more pictures of toilets, bot sure if I can promise more of cats and dogs, though I suspect I shall be snapping MasterB more or less continuously for the first few days when I get home.

  2. I entirely agree about how much all the lovely photos and travel commentary have enlivened our lives. I totally get that you want to come home but looking forward to the next instalment from anywhere at all, including your own fireside!

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