Hold the old photos, we went to Devonport today

Spring weather today, sunshine and warmth, alternating with heavy showers. We took a bus into town and headed for the harbour to catch the ferry to Devonport. It had been on my to see list, but I thought the weather was going to rule it out. Although we travelled there by water, it is attached to the mainland,
Before I came to New Zealand, people told me it was like Tasmania, but until today I hadn’t felt that was true.
But there was something about Devonport that did remind me of Tasmania. I couldn’t tell you what though.
The ferry ride lasts just twelve minutes, so you just have time to enjoy the view before you disembark. A gentle walk along by the sea was a nice introduction. With the sun out, the sea was restored to a blue-turquoise. Dogs were swimming, people too.

Swimming retriever

A walk by the sea, with driftwood

There were benches to sit on to admire the view.

Bench with a view

There were also reminders that things had not always been so tranquil.

Execution site

But overall the place had a relaxed, holiday feel to it. One home had a rather nice treehouse in the front garden.

A treehouse in the garden

There were imperial reminders, links with Britain, for example here at King Edward’s Walk.

King Edward’s Walk

We walked up to North Head to be rewarded with fantastic views.


Misty skytower

Where once were gun placements

Blue Harbour

I was glad to read the volcano we were standing on was extinct.

The clouds started to gather, so Lyn hurried us down to the shore before the heavens opened. We sheltered in an art gallery. By this time the camera card had registered full, and I hadn’t yet fished out my phone.

In between heavy showers we checked out the eateries and settled on one called Camillo’s. Attractive inside and out, the food was fabulous. I wish I had photographed my meal, but I didn’t. However, the loo did make me return to our table for my phone. Definite shades of Hundertwasser.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If the weather is on our side tomorrow we should make it to the Botanic Gardens before I say goodbye to Lyn and Malcolm to begin the long journey home to the Northern Hemisphere and winter.


6 thoughts on “Hold the old photos, we went to Devonport today

  1. Please don’t photograph your meals – everybody does that. The Loos, however, might be your niche. They have sparked my interest in visiting NZ.

    Hello and thanks to all your NZ friends for such an enjoyable travelog.

    • I sort of agree with you about photographs of meals, but some are so beautiful they should be recorded.
      I have a few more loo pix I think. Watch this space.
      I have said goodbye and thank-you to Lyn and Malcolm and am now at the airport. At this stage the two places seem so connected it is quite hard to think I shan’t be seeing them later in the week. Reality will dawn soon.
      Lyn and Nadine both follow this blog, though I’m not sure how regularly, so you can thank them yourself!
      I am now off to search the airport to see if I can buy some Ibuprofen, something I overlooked in my shopping this morning. Hohum.

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip to Devonport, New Zealand. I live near there and spend many weekends at Devonport walking along the harbour and watching the sailing yachts go by. Happy new Year too you.

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