Home is Where the Cat Is

I’m home. Phew. Right now I am feeling very tired and all I want to do is go to bed, but I intend to stay up for a few hours more. Also, I need to finish unpacking my bag.
New Zealand is amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Pick your own adjective. I need to start saving for a second trip to the South Island. I’m glad I didn’t go there this time because it would have been so intense, and like going through a list, ticking off places seen. That’s not my preferred type of tourism. You can’t see everything. And sometimes the more you try to see the less you appreciate, understand or remember.
MasterB was not quite sure how to react when I arrived home. He was pleased to see me, but he and Birgit have established a different routine over the last five weeks, now he has to readapt to my routine. Right now he’s curled up beside me. He couldn’t be closer. He has also seen Celia who I bumped into on the Walworth Road when I was heading for the mobile phone shop to get a new U.K. sim to replace the one I lost.

Emirates redeemed themselves on the first flight, the very long one, enough to make me revise my decision never to fly with them again, but they still like to take your blankets and pillows away an hour or so before landing. And security at Dubai is a confusing, sometimes menacing affair.
London was damp, but mild. We were kept waiting on the ‘plane quite a while, presumably to allow passengers in Buisness and First Class to disembark without having to mingle with the hoi polloi, but the advantage of that was my bag was just appearing on the carousel when I walked into baggage reclaim.
A bus, a train, then another bus and I was home. Despite doing regular stretches on my flights and at the airports, my knee had stiffened and my muscles had tightened, so it’s the hot water bottle under the knee at the moment with a purry, cuddly boy for extra comfort.
I met a number of lovely animals while I was on holiday. I fell in love with Aeris, but home is where my cat is.
Yes, I’m glad to be home.

12 thoughts on “Home is Where the Cat Is

  1. Good you are home safely. Do you suppose MasterB is crafty enough to get more biscuits in exchange for resuming to the “same old” routine? Is “crafty” beyond his skill set?
    The crash from southern hemisphere Spring to northern hemisphere Autumn must be a little stressful on the internal clock – block out lots of time for snoozing with cat.

    • As far as getting extra biscuits goes, the boy’s wiles are finely honed. But he got more food last night due to my not spotting the open tin of Applaws in the door of the fridge. He’s been very cuddly, sleeping up close and personal and being very affectionate. Although of course I know he has super soft fur, it has still come as a surprise how lovely it is to stroke.
      Not sure about the snoozing, though I plan a series of early nights. I seem to have a lot on my to do list.
      It still isn’t cold here, so the crash is more to do with lack of daylight hours. It’s seven in the morning here and resolutely dark still. Our ability to adapt from one zone to another is quite amazing.

      • Was saying to self this evening, “only four more weeks until the sun comes back”. Early nights are joyous in a seasonal sense when you aren’t working and the bane of the evening when you are.

        Good to hear he still considers you the best cushion going,

  2. Welcome back Isobel 😊 You’ve certainly persuaded me to put New Zealand on my bucket list! So pleased for you and Master B that you are together again, cosy, at home. Perfect! 💞

    • Thanks Jan. I have been looking at ways to resize photos on my laptop. On the iPad I use iResize which is simple and quick. Alas not available for the laptop and every alternative I have tried seems really clunky. So my next post may or may not include photos, but having downloaded all of them I have loved reliving my time in NZ. My brain is still processing, or percolating, the things I saw, the people I met. Without Lyn and Malcolm I very much doubt if I should have visited the Northland, and I think it is the place that made the most impression.
      I shall start saving for a visit to the South Island.
      I am happy to share the details of the place I stayed in Napier. You’d love it I think.

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