I have over as thousand pictures from my NZ trip. While I was there I posted, but there lots of places we went to that I didn’t mention. These photos are from our trip to the misleadingly named Ninety Mile Beach.

sea and sand

We were on a coach, driven along the sands at low tide. We met quite a few people walking in the opposite direction. They were embarking on a long distance walk. I became somewhat obsessed wondering how they got supplies of fresh water.

sand and green

Also, beautiful though it undoubtedly was, it wouldn’t be my idea of a great walk. I like variety, shelter, shade, greenery.

Dune surfing looked good fun, but my mind was more on my bladder. No loos and nowhere to squat in private

dune surfing

.Dune surfing is something that is likely to be banned before long as it adversely affects the dunes.

I had never seen dunes like these. They made quite an impression.

heading towards a dune surf


One thought on “Dunes

  1. Wow. Spectacular. Beyond their essential beauty, Dunes are a thing I find overrated as an attraction in themselves though I’ve slogged through them to see Elephant seals. They are very fragile territory.

    I think I said this before – not just recently – there is a photo book in you all about loos. I would be the first to buy a copy.

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