Divided not Ruled

I feel immensely cheered by Parliament tonight. At the eleventh hour, seeing their party leaders sitting on their hands or worse, cross party MPs are finally doing something to stop a total derailment at the end of March.
I have long believed the pro Leave vote was more a vote against the government, this one and any number of previous ones, than about the EU. The EU has been a scapegoat. Divide and rule is an ugly, but in the short term often effective, gambit. Pro Brexit voters voted against people taking their jobs, or doing jobs they wouldn’t do for the low wages those people accepted. So who wins in this low wage scenario? Well, goodness me, the people who pay the low wages and make lots of money. But instead of pointing the finger at them, the low wages workers and those who won’t take such a low wage become enemies and the exploiters laugh all the way to the bank. Nuts.

There are a couple of films out at the moment with no obvious link to our current crisis. One is about Queen Anne, for whom I admit a soft spot, and stars Olivia Colman who I think is wonderful. I want to see it. That’s a given. Another is about the writer Colette who I love, but stars Keira Knightley an actress I do not admire. Knightley seems to have as many facial expressions as Tom Cruise, so about two. Three if you look really hard. So I wasn’t planning to see this film. Confusingly, the critics all seem to love it, to say Knightley acts well in it. I find this hard to believe, but equally I am tempted. Knightley has always seemed a one note actor, I have seen no subtleties in her performances. She is no Judi Dench, no Maggi Smith, no Sheridan Smith, all actors whose slightest eye movement articulates wordlessly oceans of emotion and intelligence.
So I am divided.
Though not ruled.


2 thoughts on “Divided not Ruled

  1. Most interested to hear your opinion of the Queen Anne film – there are parts I thought great and parts I thought creepy (and not a good creepy). There’s a huge “history” vs “artistic licence” chasm in there. How uplifting to think the regular folk had a breakthrough moment about who’s exploiting whom. Hope its not too late – in yours or in ours.

  2. When I finally get to see it I’ll let you know!
    I saw the front page of the Mail today which claims the Speaker had transgressed. He hadn’t, he was doing his job, but he acted in a way Brexiteers don’t like. It grumbles on…

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