Jeremy Hardy RIP

Shocked tonight to learn that Jeremy Hardy has died from cancer. For those of you outside the UK his name probably means nothing, but he was a stalwart of Radio 4’s News Quiz and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. A truly funny man who was intelligent, left wing, compassionate. His politics didn’t always agree with mine, but that doesn’t make the loss any easier. Here he is on the News Quiz several years ago talking about gay marriage:
Check out Linda Smith on the News Quiz too. Like Jeremy Hardy she died from cancer, as did Alan Coren. All three did more for the sanity of this listener than I can explain. I missed the News Quiz tonight, so I’ll listen on catch up in a little while. It will have been recorded yesterday, but I imagine there will be a dedication to Jeremy Hardy at the end. When Linda Smith died there was a brilliant tribute programme on Radio 4 that made me laugh aloud at her wit and humour, and then cry for her loss.
It’ll be the same with Jeremy Hardy. I’ll read the obit Mark Steele has written, but first I may have to oust MasterB from the sofa which he has commandeered while I ate my supper.
And then I’ll raise a glass to Jeremy Hardy, and his memory. He was a rare being.


4 thoughts on “Jeremy Hardy RIP

  1. So sad when people who are part of our lives via radio or television die – there isn’t any place to properly say how much they meant to us. And they leave us without notice. He was a very smart, witty, and thoughtful person in a time when both are sorely lacking.

  2. Completely agree, Isobel. Made me very sad too and reading the tributes, it was evident what a lovely friend he was in addition to being a brilliant wit.

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