The Mumbot

I do hope her creator has copyrighted her, because I think the Mumbot has the potential to be a global star.
My cousin Russell told me about her a while ago. He had been doing a workshop with adults who had a range of mainly invisible disabilities. They were making super heroes out of old packaging, one woman had very firm ideas about what she was making, The Mumbot.
As her design became clear, Russell worried about safeguarding issues, but by the end of the project hers was the creation he wanted to buy.
We talked about the Mumbot again last week, and again I looked at the photograph. Since then, I have had a yearning for my own Mumbot. It’s been a stressful few weeks for one reason or another and I feel the Mumbot could be just the super hero for our times in general and for me in particular.

Although she was designed to deal with specific issues, we all know that mums can multi task, can demonstrate expertise across wide swathes of life, including, I imagine a neighbour giving another neighbour permission to make a man-sized hole in a shared wall. If at this point you asking why would someone do that, believe me you are not alone.
I’m also guessing the Mumbot could sort out Brexit, send Donald Trump, Chris Grayling, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg to their rooms and not allow them out until they have written fulsome and sincere letters of apology and made commitments to mend their ways.
Being a mum, should could probably do all this as well as managing the household accounts, tackling climate crisis, planning and delivering the week’s menus, painting the downstairs loo, weeding the garden and writing a few chapters of her novel.
So the Mumbot increasingly travels with me through each day. She stands guard when I go to sleep. She may not look like your typical guardian angel but her presence is never less than a comfort and can be so very much more.

The Mumbot


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