New Toy

MasterB has a new toy. He likes it very much. It’s a gift from Octavia who read about it in a magazine at the vet surgery where she had taken the Grey Ninja for her annual check up. Normally Octavia would not read the magazines on offer, but she had forgotten her ‘phone. It’s a good thing I was sitting down when she told me: Octavia without her ‘phone? Unbelievable. I thought at the very least surgery would have been involved to achieve such a scenario.
It was a good outcome for the Grey Ninja and MasterB though as, in the said magazine, Octavia read about honeysuckle wood, an alternative to catnip, and something most cats love. As I said before, MasterB’s opinion was positive. It was also immediately evident.

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It could be said that the Grey Ninja likes it a little too much. Like MasterB, she licked it, chewed it, rubbed against it, but then added an ownership marker, a fairly effective hands-off-it’s-mine tactic: she peed on it. For her, it has become an outdoors toy.
I admit I was nervous, not about MasterB peeing on it, or even spraying it. I have never seen him spray anything, anywhere, ever. But Octavia brought him a feather toy from New York once which acted on him, and continues to act upon him, as an aphrodisiac. Quite what he thinks it is, I have no idea, but against all anatomical logic, he tries to mount it and mate with it. He gets possessive, but brings it to me, then yowls warningly that I am not allowed to touch it. Very bizarre. So I was hoping he was not going to react as though I had brought home something from the feline version of Ann Summers.
Fortunately, his reaction to the honeysuckle wood was more measured. Tonight he has even left it sitting on the floor, though last night when I put it away he was rubbing his face ecstatically on the places it had lain.

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