Eat vegan, eat tasty

I really should have known better, but sometimes a bargain seems a bargain, even though as I put it in my basket I calculate how many meals I could make from scratch for the same price. So when I visited a branch of Tesco hoping to buy some spring greens I should have looked at the vegan macaroni cheese Reduced in p[rice), noted that it exists, and left it on the shelf. Maybe had I found those spring greens I might have done. I can buy spring greens in my local branch of Morrison’s, but the ones Tesco and Sainsbury’s sell are much greener, fresher, younger. But there were no spring greens and I was curious, I admit it, about the vegan macaroni cheese, or mac and cheese as it is increasingly called in supermarkets. (I was confused by this name for some time, wrongly assuming it was something to do with the hamburger chain, but it seems a passing fad to sex up a old, familiar, and much loved supper standby).
Well, I shan’t be buying it again. There’s bland, and then several degrees down the scale is Tesco’s vegan macaroni cheese. Fortunately I had some whole grain mustard at the ready and a tasty (home assembled) salad of watercress, spinach, pomegranate seeds, tomatoes, black olives, spring onion and avocado.
Thank goodness.
Some time ago M&S sold a lentil dish. I love lentils, and this dish was part of the £10 meal deal, so win win. I rubbed my hands with glee and bought it. Mistake. It was the sort of dish Gordon Ramsey might have made to punish non meat eaters who he famously despises.
Vegan food can be so much better than this, and it’s not difficult. Last night I had lentils and coriander with new potatoes; my weekly menus regular include lentil and rosemary shepherd’s pie, ribollita, cannellini bean salads, pasta aglio olio, freekah salads, quinoa salads, stir fries with tofu, felafals, home made soups…
It’s really not that hard.

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