Some people are saying they had no idea the country would be in reduced to such a state by the 2016 referendum and its result.

Where were they looking? What were they thinking? I have a little crystal ball someone gave me but I have never managed to see anything in it. But clicking on the related posts after the last one I wrote, I was struck at how prescient they were. Which suggests to me it was all pretty obvious then as I am no political pundit. Mind you I didn’t foresee Theresa May being praised for her heroic sacrifice of her career, praise that she put the country first because of her strong sense of duty. Call me naive, but I should expect any Prime Minister’s first priority, first loyalty, to be to the country, not their own career path. Perhaps that is why we are in the state we’re in now with Boris Johnson or Michael Gove being talked about as future Prime Minsiters, people we know have no scruples and enormous ambition. Theresa May has been quite happy to sacrifice 48% of voters who took part in the referendum, to sacrifice honesty and fair dealing by upholding the result and calling the dirty dealing regrettable, quite happy to sacrifice jobs and livelihoods of people who already have less than little.

When I reread So Why the Long Face I clicked on the link to the David Hare piece. It’s still a hard read, in that it pulls no punches, and the ice pick looks like being buried in Theresa May’s head rather than Boris Johnson’s, but I urge you to read it.
You don’t even have to click back to my old post, though if you do there are some rather nice pictures of MasterB, I’ll put the link here.
And in case you would still like to see the Ginger Ninja, here you go.



2 thoughts on “Prescient

  1. Didn’t think MasterB was political until I saw the masthead.
    I cannot imagine the level of anxiety going on right now – our own level of continous nausea is barely tolerable. Deep breaths are in order. I’ll do some now for you.

    • It is ghastly, a complete rollercoaster, and I have never enjoyed fairground rides. Goodness knows where we will end up. My own hunch is we shall leave the EU, but it it will be a softer Brexit. However, that depends on the hardline Brexiters being willing to compromise as much as the Remainers, and who knows if that will happen?

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