Why flavour a condom?

Having a bit of a sofa slump this evening after a good, but long, day at work, and catching up on last night’s tv. First up, Gogglebox which had me corpsing with the reviewers as they watched Fizz, three of the four person line up which was the eminently forgettable Bucks Fizz., then gasping with shock and shame at the terrible crisis walruses are in thanks to man made climate change. Of course of not just walruses, and it was a very sobering moment at the end of a programme which had been light and frothy. Then on to Let’s talk about sex, a programme about sex education down the years, with excerpts of past sex ed films being shown to parents and adolescent and pre adolescent children. Danny Dyer and his eleven-year-old daughter Sunnie, are for me the stars of the show. When Sunnie learns her father and her mother were having sex at fourteen, her face is an oh of shock, swiftly followed by asking him if they used protection. He looks at his hand and rubs his nails against his trouser leg as he affirms. You just know he’s lying. Here’s the clip.This is followed by a discussion on how old she should be before she has sex for the first time. Thirty, says Danny. She bargains, beating him down to twenty-two, he’s ready to get her sign the contract. Another glorious moment is when they see an info film about condoms, and different flavours are mentioned. Again her eyes widen; flavoured? Why would you flavour a condom? Her father’s discomfiture should be bottled.
MasterB seems well. The litter tray contents have not been up to the usual healthy standard. But in himself he seems fine, and the appetite is returning. I also got nagged when I cooked dinner instead of playing with him.
This afternoon I finally got to see Doorkins Magnificat at Southwark cathedral. I follow her on Twitter, and have seen her food and water bowls in the cathedral, the corbel the cathedral had made of her, but up until today never herself in the fur.

Doorkins Magnificat


4 thoughts on “Why flavour a condom?

  1. Good to hear himself is returning to himself again. Doorkins doesn’t look a thing like the portrait on the mousepad I bought. But what a cushy job for a working cat to have.

    • Yes, from being a stray, scavenging for food, to being at the heart of the cathedral community, loved and adored, her wellbeing of the highest importance. She is a cat you could truly describe as blessed.

  2. Oh Isobel, what a brill post. Thank you! I laughed out loud when I read “thirty “ because I hadn’t seen the programme but could just visualise Danny Dyer saying that! Handsome pussy cat too 😊

    • Thanks Jan. It was that trailer that made me watch in the first place. Informative and funny, surprisingly good tv. I was also starting to think no one was going to comment on the sex ed, only the cats!

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