The end of the weekend

I have eaten all three of my meals at home today, not unusual, but either I am being particularly uncritical or the meals have been particularly good, for as I finished the last mouthful of my freekah based salad this evening I reflected that I could not have enjoyed better meals anywhere. OK lunch would have been improved by a side portion of rice, but otherwise it was all perfection. I reckon I have had fifteen portions of fruit and vegetables today, and that includes a rather lovely alcohol free cocktail of mango, orange and something I have forgotten Celia bought me at Sound Unbound this afternoon. It was made by Mix and Match Unlimited if you are looking to try it.

My neighbours B&J who looked after the incomparable MasterB when I visited Australia in 2016 told me about Sound Unbound. They also kept a close eye on him and gave him love and attention when I was hospitalised for a few days at the end of last month. But that’s another story, and yet another post I haven’t got around to writing. If you follow the link you’ll see we were spoiled for choice with music in a variety of venues, all for free. It was eclectic, it was vibrant, it was eye-opening and it was fun. I rather liked Zwarm who performed in St Giles Cripplegate, the church where my paternal great  great grandparents married. I think they would have been quite surprised by today’s use of the space.

Zwarm at st Giles Cripplegate

In August I shall be seeing Van the Man live at the Helicon, Heaney Homeplace. I week ago I missed out on tickets when my bank rang my home number with a security code before approving payment. I was on a bus with mobile. I was, in football parlance, gutted. As a subscriber to the Homeplace I had been given the chance to book in advance. The remaining tickets sold out in four minutes the following day. So when I got an email saying there was a new date and tickets would be on sale at ten in the morning on Friday, I hovered over my iPad with little hope of success. By the gods smiled and Cousin and I shall be seated just three rows from the front. The tickets so cruelly denied me were five rows from the front. It’s a tiny venue, and only a couple of miles from Cousin’s where I shall be staying. Thanks Van for choosing dates when I had already arranged to be in Co Derry.

Cousin gave me good and bad news. Someone has also revealed he has records for a local shop where our ancestors would have bought their goods. We’re going to see these records in the summer. Just hoping we don’t find there are unpaid debts for which we are liable.
The bad news is that Dora, the little black cat, was knocked down and killed in the road just outside their house. She had probably been hunting. Her brother Dizzy does not bother with such things. He stays at home and waits for good things to come to him. I am very sad about Dora. She was a sweet cat, and still so very young. I wish drivers on narrow country roads took more care and drove more slowly. The good news is that they have taken in a dog and a cat from a family who no longer wanted them. The dog is a yellow Labrador called Poppy, the cat a black and white youngster called Smudge. Smudge is also a hunter. She brought home a baby rabbit which Dizzy at once claimed as his own. She went out and caught another. Poppy had been made to live outside, is four-years-old and cannot get over her luck at her full access to people. She doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body. Dizzy keeps her in her place with the odd swipe at her nose, and occupation of her bed. Bailey is happy to have a big friend. But Poppy wants love constantly. You cannot have a cup of coffee, make a ‘phone call, go to the loo without her.

This summer will be interesting. I don’t need a crystal ball to foresee a deal of dog walking.


6 thoughts on “The end of the weekend

  1. Sweet Jeebus woman, another story you might share later? Realizing you have your very private life but your followers would rather like to know why you’ve been in hospital. Otherwise, glad there was good grub and music and you are again among the living. I think we prefer you that way.

    • I never actually left the living though I did have a general anaesthetic, does that count? I also went an entire day without food which made me very grumpy.

      • “Twilight sleep” might count. At least the recovery therefrom can be a rebirth for those who don’t tolerate it well. Hoping all is well. I am also very sad for the death count of kitties in NI. Such is the life of a country cat. Hold your urban MisterB close.

        • It is ironic that these country cats are so often killed or injured by cars. The main road near Cousin’s is fast and furious, but her house is on a quietish lane. Maybe the cats are less attend to the danger of cars, certainly some more f ten cars hurtle along at speeds that are not safe for man, woman or beast walking the road.

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