A Cat in His Citadel

I know I am biased, but I think any one of these pictures of MasterB in his cushion citadel is worthy of inclusion in 2020’s calendar.Take your time, look at each one and then tell me your favourite. I know which one is mine.

Citadel One

I have spent most of today making slow progress with admin work; doing some washing, some ironing.

Citadel Two

After a few days on a twenty-five foot boat, the flat feels wonderfully spacious. It is also wonderfully untidy.

Citadel Three

At least dealing with some of the admin should lessen the amount of paper covering almost every surface.

Citadel Four

I also planted the seedlings outside with the three camomile plants I bought at the organic farm. Then I repotted a hydrangea which had outgrown its container. I am hoping they’ll all thrive. .

Citadel Five

Tonight I received a message from a neighbour who moved out while I was away to say the planters she has left in the garden are for me. How lovely.

Citadel Six

I’d already sown the new seeds indoors for parsley, basil and mint. Looking at them for signs of life over the next few days will be a source of pleasure and hope. People talk about gardening, even indoor gardening, being therapeutic. I have certainly found it so. We all need a citadel to call our own.


11 thoughts on “A Cat in His Citadel

  1. Going to be contrarian and say #6 portrays just how exhausting it is to be a cat on a boat. There are so many lovely photos of the Felis Odalisque (including this year’s Mr. June).

    Have you seen any of the recent reporting on cats who have been collared with video cams? That’s one bit that isn’t required for a full analysis of MasterB’s daily diary.

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