Some pictures and thoughts from last week

I am looking at my diary and wondering if I can return to das Boot sooner rather than later. The good thing about being freelance is that you can take time off. The bad thing is that when you do, you don’t get paid.

Cow parsley

Flat earth and cows

But having discussed Mother’s ashes with Older Nephew who is going to think about the issue, our minds naturally enough turned towards my father.



He was a fit man though an ex smoker, an ex Royal Marine Commander, a man who was always on the go. Barely a year after retiring he suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage from which physically he recovered well. But it shook him. Suddenly his body had let him down. Mentally it took longer.

One swan with reflection

A pair of swans

Then he had a minor stroke and instead of being on a neurological ward with a specialist team around him, he was on a general ward in the local hospital. He lost his speech, and when he got it back he was less than polite about the professionalism of some of the nurses.

June poppies

His third stroke killed him. He was seventy. It’s not old. Not old enough. But I keep hearing of people dying in their fifties, their sixties, their early seventies. So I think when I want a break from work to head for das Boot, unless there is a compelling reason not to, I should go.


3 thoughts on “Some pictures and thoughts from last week

  1. Yes indeed. One of my dearest friends died early, aged only seventy three, two weeks ago after a shortish but brutal encounter with cancer. She was symptom free until secondaries were very firmly established. All the things I was going to do together with her have vanished. I wish I’d considered spending time with her more important than keeping on working. I know she was looking forward to my retirement. If where you need to be is Das Boot, go and be there.

  2. Love the poppies. And poppies are remembrance. I think I get where you are because I might be there myself. Time to take oneself out of the bustle and into the quiet is the most healing we can hope for.

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