When I booked my flights to Belfast earlier in the year I wasn’t to know my departure was going to coincide with the almost certain elevation of Boris Johnson to the post of Prime Minister. I’m not going to go on about it. Marina Hyde expresses the whole fiasco so much better than I could here. Though I can’t resist adding a link to the very wonderful Michael Spicer and his latest YouTube on what is fast becoming known as kippergate.

It’s people like Michael Spicer and Marina Hyde who give me hope that my country is not totally beyond redemption, and at some time in the future may rediscover reason and self-respect.

It so happens my departure also coincides with a heat wave I am very happy to miss. I am less happy that the forecast for almost all my stay in Co Derry is for rain. But hey ho, I’ll take the waterproofs and it’ll be ok. Of course I shall be still be in the UK, but with Johnson running (sic) things, the break up of the Union may be close. I have my Irish passport now, as well as my British one, but at this rate I’m going to have an English one before very long. Never mind, it’ll be dark blue. That is, I am told, what matters.

MasterB will be in the tender care of the Young Relative. She visited again on Friday evening and he made clear his pleasure at seeing her. The family of the ginger female down the road, who gave birth to five ginger kittens a couple of weeks ago, is also on holiday, and their own Young Relative is in residence to cat sit, so these two YRs may meet up and socialise. On Friday it was YR, Octavia, Celia and me at the local Lebanese. B&J would normally count as back up, but they mega Prom fans so will be at the Royal Albert Hall every night for the next few weeks. Actually both Octavia and Celia are away the first week of my holiday, so I am glad there is the other YR for support close by. I am also glad I invested in a sod stream lat weekend so she has easy access to fizzy water, and I have an extraordinarily good little fan from Lidl which I hope will help on hot nights.I don’t think I am going to need it in Co Derry.

The kittens’ father is the ginger cat we thought was a stray. We christened him Tupelo, made friends with him by feeding him enormous quantities of food and stroking him. He was exhausted from fighting and fathering (at least) two sets of kittens locally. We now know he is called Ernie, and his owners have become good acquaintances. They have booked him in for the snip, and tried to keep him indoors, but yesterday morning he jumped out of a window to freedom. I saw him lying asleep in our garden when I got home from work. It took a while for the owners to recapture him, but he has a leg injury that is slowing him down a bit. These next few days are going to be a test if the temperatures rise and they have to keep the windows closed.

Celia and I enjoyed a walk today. It started with some chores: leaving some things for a friend with the concierge at her block of flats; returning more finds to the foreshore; buying my ticket to the airport and Celia’s to Brighton. But we were still up for more time away from household tasks and thought we’d go to the Tower of London shop where I had been surprised to see some very interesting books.

We didn’t get there. At the Scoop they were showing a film about the Thames. By chance we arrived just in time to hear David Attenborough’s voice introducing it. You can see the whole thing if you like. I found it on

. It’s well worth it. So we sat down and watched it. Celia kindly bought us orange juices. She had hers with tonic water, I had mine with soda water. I found the film inspiring and it made me long to get out and about along the river. More plans.

To the bus stop via Vinegar Yard where I succumbed to a pair of rubber ankle boots I’d tried on earlier. They’d be great for my holiday, but as they are quite heavy I think they’ll be staying at home. My To Do list has an impressive number of ticks, and I am pleased that in a moment I can add another, as write blog post has appeared several times over the last week or so, but has remained undone.

Thank-you for reading.

9 thoughts on “Timing

    • Thanks. I am hoping it will not be as wet as it is forecast. The thing about islands is the weather can change pretty quickly, so maybe the wet will have moved on.

  1. Leaving town is always a good idea. Especially these days. Thanks for the link to the Thames documentary – that was a treat, not just for the birds but for the hopeful aspects of people doing things that might have a positive impact on this world instead of our usual diet of political fulmination.

    • It was a happy accident of timing that we reached the Scoop just as it started. I was amused by how many times City Cruise boats appeared in the footage, and guessed correctly that the company had provided sponsorship.

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