The Roads Well Travelled

My photographs so far are fairly sparse.



In my defence, it is quite tricky to take photographs when you have a Westie at the end of a lead in your left hand, and a yellow Labrador at the end of a lead in your right. And you are making sure each dog stays ‘in lane’ so that you don’t get tripped up, tangled or twisted.

Poppy at the field gate

Other than that, the walks up and down the lane have mainly gone well. I say mainly as both canines disgraced themselves when we met a black Labrador, also on a lead, on the road. Honestly, you’d have thought they had been brought up in the gutter, or had never seen another dog in their lives. Gone were the socially adjusted dogs I know. Poppy and Westie Boy tolerate each other rather than being best mates, but faced with a dog they didn’t know they reacted as one, lunging and barking.

Once was enough, but we met the dog again and the whole performance was repeated. Seeing another dog coming towards us I expected the worst, but apart from suddenly pricked ears and quickened gait, we walked by without incident.

During the day yesterday I took the longer road to Belfast, travelling there and back by bus to meet Fiona. Regular readers of this blog will anticipate an account of shopping, but not this time. On Wednesday afternoon a friend of Cousin’s called at the house. She runs an antique business and I have been a customer of hers in the past. Her daughter Charlotte is a curator at the Ulster Museum, and curated the Fashion and Feminism exhibition Fiona and I visited last year. I said how much we’d enjoyed it, and a few hours later we got a message to say Charlotte would be happy to take us around her new exhibition Vice Versa.

It’s not a large exhibition, one gallery, but fascinating. Charlotte loves her job it’s clear. She talks knowledgeably and entertainingly. It was a lesson in socio-economic history, and much much more. Charlotte will be doing talks and arranging workshops I shan’t be about to attend, but i’ve A feeling Fiona might.

We’d already had lunch in the Falafel Café on Botanic Avenue. It was heaven. I have a local Lebanese restaurant where I live which I love, but I think this was even better.


There’s a Turkish Supermarket next door, so if I ever make the move to NI I want to live near Botanic Avenue.

On any day the Botanic Gardens is a pretty attractive spot, on a sunny day it’s beautiful. From this photograph you’ll see that the weather is entirely different from that which forecast.

Botanic Gardens

So far we’ve only had a few drops of rain. The waterproof shoes may go home unworn.


3 thoughts on “The Roads Well Travelled

  1. Sparse is fine when it includes a fine one of fungi and another of falafel.
    I also ate the latter at the cafe in Brighton’s Jubilee Library, albeit with some difficulty with the small wooden fork provided. I was reading the Guardian at the same time, so not making it easy for myself. Of course the joy of being in Brighton during the heatwave was swimming in the sea. Bliss- water temperature just right.
    Rain in London today – enjoying the cool damp.

    • Now jealous as despite trying three places I could not find a Guardian today. We are due rain tonight and tomorrow, so have just walked the dogs. The sky is clear now, so maybe it won’t rain until late. Tonight I am having broad beans picked from Cousin’s garden. I think I should want a wetsuit to swim off the Antrim coast.

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