Sunday morning

Celia will recognise the scenario: go for a walk that includes a visit to a place with small, independent shops; stop in those shops and see a dress/shirt/cardigan you like; try it on; buy it; return from your walk with a new addition to your wardrobe. However, I have added a new twist. The shop is in Maghera, a small town not far away, so when we returned there to buy groceries, I went back to the shop, Allie Mae, to take a second look at two more items I had seen, and I bought them too. The shop will soon have a website and be selling via shopify, so if you want to look at the stock, sign up here.
Not all walks end in shops. Walks around Cousin’s are entirely retail free. It was warm and sunny this morning when Westie Boy, Poppy and I followed out usual route to the end of the road and back.


Blue skies

Fortunately it had rained in the night so Poppy enjoyed a paddle in the larger puddles while Westie Boy drank. I admired the view.


Both dogs are now lying on the floor asleep.I may take them for a shorter walk when we come back from hearing Alan Johnson later today. They only had one good walk yesterday, but Poppy was tired by the late evening. She took to her bed while I read the Guardian and was soon snoring, then dreaming, making little woofing noises and moving her front paws. I must have been very quiet when I came to the kitchen this morning as I surprised her sleeping on the sofa.

Dizzy is the most self-assured cat I have ever met. On Friday he hopped into K’s car, and she only found she had a passenger when she stopped for petrol. Returned to base, he was totally relaxed about the experience.

Dizzy after his unscheduled car ride

When Poppy, who really does not know her own strength, and first thing in the morning is a high energy bouncing creature, barged into the back kitchen where the cats had spent the night, Smudge slipped agilely passed her into the garden, Dizzy, continued to lie on the mat soaking up the morning sun, just turning his head to regard his big friend. Nothing fazes him. Absolutely nothing.

Dizzy and Smudge

10 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. “She took to her bed while I read the Guardian and was soon snoring, then dreaming, making little woofing noises and moving her front paws.”

    To my unfortunate American way of reading, this sounds like you were soon snoring, dreaming and making little woofy noises while moving Poppy’s front paws. I hope you both had a refreshing snooze. Wish I could join you both cause our people have gone all shooty again over here.

    • I’m not sure about this, Poppy is obviously the subject of the sentence while my activity is the subclause. I could add a comma, but I think it works equally well without! Have you read Eats, Shoots and Leaves?
      Yes you are very shorty on your side of the pond. I was shocked by the shootings and shocked again when I saw footage of Trump laughing when a supporter yelled ‘shoot the migrants’.
      Also shocked to hear about the incident at Tate Modern yesterday.
      The trouble is there is so much that is shocking. One is still trying to digest one horrific event when a load more take place.

  2. Dizzy sounds a bit like Claud in personality! I love your accounts of the way these animals relate to each other .

    • Ooooh! Do I detect a grammar pedant? Welcome to the club. I don’t think it is an American way of thinking; it is the sentence construction and use of punctuation that allows your interpretation. Isobel, of course, is the ultimate grammar pedant and will be feeling suitably sheepish.

  3. Glad you’re keeping up the tradition of accidental shopping – look forward to admiring your purchases. I’m off to Wales on Wednesday so shall check out the clothes shop in the local market town where I found dress, top and bra on my last visit. So much for London shops!

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