Dog Days

I’m home again and heading to bed and a sound night’s sleep before work tomorrow hoping my mobile ‘phone issue will be sorted out by the time I wake.

I had a quick look at some photos taken over the last couple of days. Babush is the Leonberger/St Bernard cross I met at Wicken Fen on Thursday. Adorable or what?

On my walk to and from Wicken I had seen horses. Not the usual kind of horses of varied sizes and shades, but a proper herd; distinctive, beautiful. They watched me from a distance but didn’t approach.69828759-4F77-4649-A452-BC98CA034C33.jpeg

But when I walked by the field yesterday it was a different story. Several came up to the fence and made it clear a nose rub was very welcome.A5A5A02C-3354-411B-A084-973FC73D001136785D29-A53A-4E6F-9301-DD7538EBA2AF

They were already getting attention from a man and his dog. The dog, a gorgeous black Labrador called Fagin because he picks pockets, then got a lot of attention from me. He had been swimming and was wet, his coat waving slightly as it dried.


It turns out he is good friends with the horses and will even play tug-of-war with four of them. AD605A00-DA22-468D-88FA-2E239D7DCF8D9426ED85-315A-408E-88DF-695AC54C2527

6 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. You need to advertise your talents as a professional animal portraitist. That unfortunate human arm in the way aside, the pic of the pup and the horse is just beautiful.

  2. Babush IS adorable. The profile of the horse’s head is a gorgeous picture… the horse is gorgeous. A gorgeous head and I am wondering if it is a stallion. Thick neck but they look thick bodied. Love to know the breed. You may not like me saying it but the beauty of these pictures does very much have to do with your skill and your perspective/eye for the subjects here. I kind of like the hand reaching out toward the horse. I googled Wicken Fen and wild ponies came up there. They look like Konik ponies A closer look and I’m not so sure.Fagin is handsome, too. But you know horses are in my heart. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, Isobel.

    • Thanks Pix.. I googled Burwell Fen horses and yes they are Konik ponies. Great identification on your part 👏🏻
      It was all fairly magical. I’m going to supper at Octavia’s now, but may post later.

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