So Mr Johnson, What did Mr Putin do for you in 2016?

We know social media, and in particular Facebook, was responsible for targeting voters in the 2016 referendum with false information. We know that the Leave Campaign has been found guilty of breaking the rules, though mysteriously this is still often referred to as an allegation, and was even denied by Fiona Bruce on Question Time last week.
For those of you still unconvinced, you can read about it here, not as reported in a newspaper with a particular view, but the Electoral Commission’s actual report.

Quite a few newspapers are owned by people who want the U.K. to leave the EU. So despite the overwhelming evidence that our current Prime Minister is a serial liar, has no scruples about breaking laws, and a shocking lack of decency and integrity on a personal, political or indeed any level, I did not see any mention of a story on the front pages of the popular press that has emerged about Russian interference in the EU referendum.

There is a report that is ‘ready to go’ that Number 10 has sat on, Having had it since the beginning of October, knowing that after today when Parliament rises the report can’t be published until after 12th December. Normally such reports are published after ten days. The government is spinning that it takes six weeks. However, here is Dominic Grieve, chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee, and an honest man who does have integrity, on the delay:

So, Mr Johnson and Mr Gove, what did Mr Putin do for you and your coterie of morally void colleagues in the referendum of 2016?989680A9-F33B-47A1-9D4A-970D5065E208

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