We’ll be back

My neighbour just sent me this photograph. It’s of a nearby building.


With nine million people in London who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, and the majority of voters across the UK in the December 2019 general election voting for parties that at the least wanted a second referendum, it’s hardly surprising we are not all getting behind Brexit. This was the scene last night in Parliament Square.

Rather wonderfully Brussels has understood that this parting is more hijack than voluntary act for many British citizens, and has put on a farewell UK show. See it here. And here.

The government may take the people out of Europe but they will not take Europe out of the people. We are proudly English, Irish, Welsh, Scots, proudly European. Tonight some friends and neighbours will join me for food and drinks, and at eleven o’clock we shall raise our glasses to drink to the EU, and to a future where we rejoin it, to the courage, camaraderie, good humour and invention of the Remain campaign. We are now part of the Rejoin movement. We’ll be back.

5 thoughts on “We’ll be back

  1. This is a beautiful post and brought tears to my eyes. I have been thinking along the same lines and clarifying my thoughts for a post in the near future on why I have hope. Maybe I’m still too angry to write about hope.

    • I was talking to a neighbour on Thursday, and we have both been looking at the little things that bring us joy so as not to be overwhelmed by current events. Although we have witnessed some of the most boorish, ignorant and aggressively nationalistic attitudes over the past four years, they have been balanced by the warmth, wit and humour of others. Have you discovered Michael Spicer’s videos? If you haven’t already watched this one, settle down to it now. https://youtu.be/YJ6GTBd3K9s

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