Gold Stars

A wonderful thing happened on Saturday. I was clearing up after our revels celebrating the EU the night before – excellent company, good chat, a sociable cat, lots and lots of food, several bottles of wine and champagne – when I found little gold stars on the carpet. I hadn’t bought gold stars, had someone else? had they been wrapped in the EU flag which arrived in the morning and served as a tablecloth? were they an endorsement from the universe/almighty of our toasts to the EU and declared allegiance? I looked up at the ceiling and wondered about revising my atheism.

I carefully gathered them up while MasterB watched.

Only much later did I realise they were in the Prosecco and cranberry crisps I had bought in M&S (reduced to 10p per packet) for the event. Oh serendipity, oh happy day. They still feel like a blessing. Atheism may be on hold.

MasterB is not giving up his allegiance to the EU anymore than I am.


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