The Coronavirus Diaries 24th March 2020

Another glorious spring day, blue skies, sunshine. Warm too. No need of a coat or even a cardigan when I took my exercise allowance late afternoon. I reckoned the later I took it the better, so that I had that break outside my home to look forward to. It seemed to work.


I pegged out my washing this morning, put the recycling in the correct bin, emptied the coffee grounds into the compost. Celia and I arranged a swap, I took a jigsaw for Charlie, some lavender oil for Celia and the current copy of the New European for both of them, and my hula hoop for Celia to try. Celia had dug wild garlic plants out of the garden, put some disposable gloves out for me and an empty jar which had had sage pesto in it I given her.

Looking out of my window when Celia called me I was surprised to see Javier coming into the garden. I assumed the garage was now closed, and my car keys locked up in it. As I keep MasterB’s basket in the car I was thinking it was going to be a problem if he needed the vet’s attention. It turned out Javier had decided to come in and complete all the work on cars in the garage and return the vehicles, and in my case keys, to their owners and then shut.

Yesterday Celia thought it was Sunday, and that was how it felt today too. Very quiet. Some people walking along the main road I could see from my street. Actually, when I did go for my walk there were more people about than I expected. There was a queue outside Oli’s, so it seemed the number of customers allowed in was being restricted. The trouble with the queue was the people in it were too close together. I swerved in the opposite direction and saw a similar too close queue outside the post office.

I quickly left the main road and returned to side streets where there was almost no one about, and when I did meet anyone, we all made efforts to keep apart. Admittedly it’s safer to step off the pavement into the road when you are in a back street. To do so on a main road could mean death from something other than coronavirus.

I have heard this evening that one of my relatives is recovering from the virus. She hopes she did not spread it far, had not been out for several days when the symptoms showed themselves, and is now hoping she is immune.

I have been getting in with my next jigsaw, I finished Kate Atkinson’s Big Sky (very good) and tomorrow it has to be dusting and paperwork. In an odd sort of way I am enjoying the slower pace of things, not feeling guilty about missing exhibitions and so on.

MasterB went out last night and came home without his collar. He seems to have had quite an exciting time. When I went to look for him he was on top of the wall facing down Mr Manx, who is a bully of a cat. Mr Manx doesn’t hang around when he sees me. He has had the water pistol treatment too often, so he turned and ran away. MasterB went after him. I wish I could work out my boy’s rationale for taking on/running away from/befriending other cats, I also wish he’d be friends with Hartley. There’s no chance of a friendship with Romeo. Bismarck would be a better name for that assertive tabby.

The boat is supposed to go back in the water on Saturday. I expected the date to be postponed, but I received an email today saying there were new plans and arrangements where no one would be near anyone else. Older Nephew and I not impressed. I wonder if by tomorrow it will be off. I rather suspect and hope it will be.

10 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries 24th March 2020

  1. We seem to have swapped weather again – I’ll let you enjoy it for another day or two. It’s damp and gloomy here. Been caught in a squall every time I step outside. The (very) fresh air is invigorating though. My bet is your marina stays closed until summer.

  2. I am imagining Celia with the hoola hoop! We were all really good at it when we were little weren’t we? Glad you can enjoy some warm weather. After some hot days here the weather is wet and blustery.

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