The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th April 2020

I am feeling a bit sad. After a certain amount of discussion Celia and I have agreed that our socially distant but still sociable walks must cease. I realised Celia was having doubts the other day. The crazy thing is we can still be closer to total strangers legally than to our friends. This is the point where I may start to feel lonely. Though that said, when I see neighbours and we stand two metres apart we can still talk. There are a lot of holes in our socially distant advice.

Today was glorious. Normally this would be welcome, but I avoided the parks as I guessed they would be very busy. If my absence means the parks will remain open, I’ll stay away. I can walk the pavements, the tarmac streets, but if I had children living in a flat with no garden, no balcony they and I should be at screening point. As it happened I met Celia and Mr Celia on their return from Kennington Park. It was busy they reported, police patrolled.

I got my 12k steps today running errands. I stuck to side streets where possible and met very few people. Only once did I feel that someone was oblivious of the need to keep a distance. Celia is probably right. The coming week is the one where cases of coronavirus is expected to peak. I do not want to catch it. There seems to be an argument where the threat is dismissed by pointing out how many people die in RTAs and from the ‘flu every year. This disregards the fact that RTAs still happen, ‘ordinary’ ‘flu still happens. It’s not as though all the causes of death to which we are accustomed are suddenly folding their arms and sitting on sofas watching old films to make room for coronavirus. Coronavirus is on top of these causes of death, not instead of. Mind, the lessening traffic must surely mean a lessening number of RTAs. I hope so. I intend to get some cycling in over the coming weeks if nothing else.

I am very pleased that Celia and Mr Celia have discovered the joys of scrambled tofu. I had to buy them more supplies today. I doubt if either will ever be vegan, but a step away from eating meat and factory farmed animals is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

If we are confined to walking around the block for our exercise, there are compensations.

The prettiest door

In my shared garden the lilac is coming into flower.

Coming lilac

The pub is closed but still a landmark and a comfort. It will reopen. we shall have our community hub again.

The Beehive

I have been worrying without doing anything about Bobby. He’s in his late eighties and his social life revolves around the Beehive and pints of Guinness with his mates. I have not seen him about. So this evening I called him. Bobby never answers the phone, but halfway through the message I was leaving he picked up. He sounded very perky. When he goes shopping, and he told me proudly he has yet to spend a day at home, he is ushered to front of the queue due to his age. It sounded as though contrary to expectations he is enjoying himself. I extracted a promise from him that if one day he doesn’t feel up to going out he’ll call me. The conversation left me feeling more cheerful than in days. He said the ‘boys’ are still calling him, and the pints of Guinness will be lined up on the bar when the pub reopens.

I finished the jigsaw yesterday. The next neighbours on the list are almost ready for it, so it is broken up, back in its box and inside a plastic bag until the 24 hours have passed where any Coronavirus I have been carrying will have died.

Complete, can you spot the cats?

My helper

Here they are:

Cat in the corner

Cat on the window sill

Keep well.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th April 2020

  1. MasterB looks quite proud of his accomplishment (couldn’t have done it without you).
    Each passing day I am less eager to exit the house though I long to be in fresh air. The introspection indoors isn’t exactly welcome but the virtual interaction is gearing up. My Last Supper tableau non vivant using all the plush animals and featuring our 4 London Plague Rats is coming along.
    Raising a glass for all of us at this time. Thank you Isobel for the community you create here.

    • he is strangely interested in the jigsaws. always gets into a box of pieces if he can. Likes to walk across a work in progress, and ses me sitting still as an opportunity for affectio.

      I really want to see you Last Supper tableau!!!

      I don’t think I can take any credit for creating a community, but thank-you!

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