The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th April 2020

We were out again tonight clapping our NHS workers, delivery drivers, shop workers, carers, all those who are making our isolation possible at no little risk to themselves. It’s a social occasion, we wave and smile at each other, call greetings across the street, listen to the tremendous noise they make in the square our two parallel streets lead into, whoop at the fireworks. It is uplifting, it is also surreal. I live in a perfect triangle for hospitals. Guys, Tommy’s and Kings are all close. It’s hard to think that while we clap people are dying in those hospitals from coronavirus, yet the number of deaths climbs steadily. A friend has been feeling unwell for several days. Yesterday she had a telephone consultation with her GP who said it is probably coronavirus. Hopefully she won’t get worse before she gets better, but for anyone thinking this is a breeze the example of Boris Johnson is salutary, and scary.

I had a long conversation with my friend Sue in Texas last night. She used to live here, surprised me by saying she wishes she had stayed. We talked about lockdown, how it’s going for each of us. I said it made me think I could live outside London, somewhere quieter, but with a cultural buzz, and good neighbours. I mentioned a place I have been thinking about. This morning I had three emails of properties she had found online. This is the same friend who helped me find MasterB when I was looking at cat rescue sites after Cat died nine years ago.

With the weather continuing warm and sunny windows are open, and the new quiet is particularly welcome. When it is broken as it was this afternoon by a van driver who was parked in the street with his music on, I am quite irritated, and because I know how dependent we are on the drivers, I feel guilty too. The music was loud, and assumed he had his windows open which is why it was so intrusive, Suddenly the music was much louder, he had opened the door of his van and got back inside. Maybe it busts his stress, but it must be damaging his hearing.

The garden is coming into bloom and so are my amaryllis. It looks as though as one peaks the next is going to bloom. I have four plants, three of them are flowering this year.

Amaryllis days

MasterB did some athletic leaps this afternoon, springing around the living room. One was really balletic, it was also very detrimental to my jigsaw as he landed on it, skidded, the whole jigsaw moved across the board and the section I had been working on and found very difficult was scattered across the carpet. Still, he didn’t mean it. It’s only a jigsaw, so I still told him he was a good boy while I attended to the wreckage.

The forecast is for more warm weather over Easter. I am quite worried about how people are going to behave. The three week review is due. Although everyone I know expects the current restrictions to continue and maybe increase, there are probably some who are expecting them to be lifted. We have a shared garden, so managing time in that space can be an issue. Not everyone gets it. One neighbour spent the entire day outside sunbathing. I hope she doesn’t expect the garden to herself over the weekend. It would be bliss to be at das Boot, but that would be unnecessary travel even if the boat were back in the water. I paid the invoice for the mooring today. Ouch. With no money coming in and the increasing likelihood that lockdown will continue for the whole of the summer, I can’t see me enjoying any time afloat before 2021 and the next mooring fees. The anti-fouling which had been done in the middle of March ready for launch day 28th March will need to be redone, so that doubles the cost. Ouch again.

I’m going to have an early night with my book, at least after I have had some more playtime with MasterB.

Stay safe, keep well.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th April 2020

  1. That’s some bloom. Sun (finally) came out at 5pm today and the walking path was flooded with joggers, children, dogs and young men careening on bicycles. Those young dudes are going to turn me into a fist shaking coot before this is over.

    • For some reason it is looking very sorry for itself this morning. I need to check if I have overwatered it. I am generally avoiding parks as there are so many people, getting my steps by pounding the pavement. It’s not just the young, to many people seem to think once they enter a shop social distancing does not apply. Terrifying.

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