The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th April 2020

Well, I finished the jigsaw today. I was feeling pretty determined about it, though at one point i was just staring at pieces unable to see where they would go. But the beauty of this puzzle is the pieces are all so individual, so when you do spot a match you can make rapid progress. the pieces are often also beautiful, so there is a joy in just looking at them.

The finished article

When I began the other one I didn’t know that the end product was not going to be a rectangular picture as shown on the box.

The box picture

In fact that one was was fairly irregular in shape, where as this one I began to realise was going to have a symmetry to it. I just didn’t know what the symmetry would be. Several times I thought I had completed the outline in one part only to realise there was another layer or two to be added.

Here are some of the individual pieces in their places. You remember the dog?

Spot the dog

There were also birds, fittingly; teapots; coffee pots; big cats; objects that looked to me like cups; at least one mandala.

Bg cat 2

second tea pot

Big cat 1

Tea pot

Coffee pot


This jigsaw may stay intact for more than the twenty-four hours they usually get. Maybe not.

More solo walking today which again was mainly to do with tasks rather than relaxation and exercise. The promised storm this afternoon didn’t materialise, though it went very dark at one point and the rain sounded serious and splashed against the windows. But then the sun came out again. Chilly though.

I had planned some time in the kitchen (I am still procrastinating over the tax return) and spent a happy hour or so making pasta sauce, sage pesto and fruit smoothies. I drank the smoothies, but the rest is distributed between fridge and freezer for future meals. At the beginning of this lockdown I was worried about getting fresh vegetables, but so far so good. The experience has made me aware of how much fresh food I consume, and how much I should miss it, and have to change how I eat, were it not available.

While I cooked I finally got around to listening to The Big Read of The Ancient Mariner. Different people are reading a minute of it at a time and each day a new minute is broadcast. It has reached the thirteenth minute. It is interesting how each reader presents his or her piece. I particularly enjoyed Jeannette Winterson, Hilary Mantel and Lemn Sissay.

I thought our community clapping for carers might take place in rain for the first time, but it was dry. A lot of noise tonight. Is that significant?

Stay safe, keep well.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th April 2020

  1. Very unusual jigsaw I had a very small 30 piece one like this with animal shapes it was an Alice in Wonderland image featuring the Cheshire Cat….Master Bosun would have liked it!

    • When I was a. Hold I had a Tom Kitten one acquired from a jumble sale (I think one piece was missing). It also had odd shapes and I remember doing it again and again. Although while I was doing this one I gradually realised it was symmetrical, only after photographing it did I see the hearts and some of the other shapes. It reminds me of a stained glass window.

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