The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd May 2020

A Saturday evening, and I have done a pretty good job of reading the paper from cover to cover. I woke to blue skies and sunshine, but the temperature was in the low teens, so I dressed accordingly and set off to buy and deliver the newspapers. Outside, I realised it was actually pretty warm, and I rather regretted my warm top. Never mind. It was a nice walk and I achieved my purchases without hindrance or fear at Sainsbury’s. I delivered the first of the papers, dropped mine off at home, and then set off to deliver the third. All done before lunch, and my step count already nudging 10k. The Fitbit is still going, it has its moments of hibernation, but it’s not destined for the electrical recycling facility just yet.

At home I opened the windows and settled to read some of the paper before preparing my meal. The something strange happened. I began to feel very cold. I was shivering. I got up to close the windows and saw people outside in shirtsleeves, even some in shorts. I seemed to be in my own cold micro climate. A quick inventory established nothing else amiss but I reached for the blanket that lives on an arm of the sofa and snuggled under it. Danny rang. I kept expecting him to say something along the lines of “I’m calling you because..” but he didn’t. I think he just wanted to talk. So I stayed snuggled and listened. Naturally part of the talking was about coronavirus. One of these days it will drop from our conversations, but now you can be pretty sure it crops up in any and all in some shape or another. He wanted to know how I was coping. I told him about my obsessive jigsaw habit. I have been feeling a bit sheepish about all the jigsaws I have been doing since lockdown, but the book I mentioned yesterday has helped me understand why I am finding them so compelling. I believe they represent the restoration of order from chaos; a metaphor for the confusion of these times and the promise that things will be resolved. Danny is a trained counsellor, and this idea interested him.

By the time the conversation ended, I was feeling warmer, and hungry. Whatever had made me feel cold certainly hadn’t affected my appetite. But I thought I’d probably stay home quietly for the rest of the day, which is what I have done.

I have some pictures from yesterday’s walk to share. This shared garden is in front of a block of flats on s street I have walked down many times. Until yesterday I had never noticed the garden, screened from general view by a hedge. I think it’s rather fine.

Shared garden space

The MI6 building is famous around the world due to the James Bond films. It has various nicknames, Legoland and Ziggurat on Thames being the most popular.


Battersea Power Station, now being transformed into luxury flats, is another iconic London building recognised by people around the globe, particularly Pink Floyd fans.

Battersea Power Station

This is where Vauxhall becomes Battersea, run by two local councils, Lambeth and Wandsworth. It’s also an area where there is a huge amount of building going on, most of it tall and expensive.

Cranes and tall buildings

St George’s has been around for quite a few years now. It is not greatly admired and its style of architecture has been call bling brutalism. Judge for yourself.

Brutalist Bling

You must get fabulous views of the river the flats. Yesterday the skies towards Westminster were quite dramatic.

Dramatic skies at low tide

Celia seemed more interested in studying the foreshore, or at least the other side of the wall.

Celia studies the foreshore

We saw vessels belonging to both the Port of London Authority and the Fire Brigade

Port of London Authority Vessel

London Fire Brigade

We are both hoping someone can identify this flower.

Name this flower

A little further along there are moorings and some live aboard boats. Some are ex working vessels which have been turned into homes, others were designed for accommodation and have several flats.

Floating flats

It was while we here that it suddenly began to rain; a short, heavy shower with hailstones. We sheltered by a closed coffee shop.

Sheltering from the hail shower

While we stood there I looked at my ‘phone and saw I had a message from Rosemary. We have known each other since we were five, though we haven’t met in years. I gasped when I saw the picture she had sent.

Isobel (L) and Rosemary (R) aged 12

I remember it being taken but I have never seen it before. Her brother was going through old photographs and found it. I am so glad she sent it to me.

Stay safe, keep well.


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