The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th April 2020

With my anxiety increasing hourly about finances and conflicting stories about how the government help for those of us who are self-employed circulating, I got down to my tax return. Why can I never get the columns to tally first time? Anyway, I felt I made a fairly good start, and with luck and application I’ll have it finished by the end of the week. Except I always find I have forgotten something, so maybe the end of next week. Hopefully not the end of the week after that.

Totting up columns was interspersed with domestic tasks to give me breaks from sitting in front of a screen and going through files. The bed linen dried quickly, i brought it in from the line, ironed it, put it in the airing cupboard, back to the columns. Lunch was a big treat. Last night’s curry was enhanced with broccoli and cauliflower and served with brown rice. It was good. So was the raspberry flavoured ice lolly I had for pudding.

Then more going through bank statements, filling in columns. When I saw a text from Celia suggesting three thirty as a good time to go for a walk I didn’t hesitate. Yes!!!!!

So off we went. She suggested Vauxhall Park, a destination which would mean we would go down the road with The Car. It wasn’t there. We need to study the photograph for clues as to which driveway it was in. Were they just visiting? Out somewhere today? Was it just a chance in a million it had been there when we had walked by?

Lots more roses today, most of them very fragrant, but I don’t have the power to transmit those smells here. You’ll just have to imagine. I write this blog mainly as a diary for me, maybe if I read this in years to come those fragrances will come back as I look at the pictures.

Pink and yellow

Frothy white

Frothy pink

Where were lots of cats about Bonnington Square when we there. This ginger looked rather like MasterB, same sort of marble markings, and the same very soft coat. He was enjoying the little garden in the middle of the square.

Ginger in the garden

Bonnington Cafe is closed. Another place to visit in the Great Afterwards. Today I am feeling sadder than I have been. Having a structure to the day, going shopping, taking a walk, keeps a lot of the reality at bay, but sometimes it seeps through, especially when a politician says something glib or crass. Nature does help, animals do help. Blue skies, happy dogs, determined cats, a robin sitting on a branch, geese with their goslings, a crow soaking bread in the lake to soften it, foxes fleet on the streets…

In Harleyford Gardens a magnificent ginger and white was enjoying some quiet time on top of a water butt. He let me approach, sniffed my outstretched hand, but did not seem to want to get to know me better.

On top of the water butt

I’ve signed up for an online talk with Irvine Walsh tomorrow at six. I don’t mean he’s going to be having a chat with me; he’ll be talking and I and others will be listening. Supper will have to be ready to go at seven so I can be out making a noise at eight. Not sure when this blog will be written.

Keep safe, stay well.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th April 2020

    • If you had asked me before yesterday to imagine a drama exercise ‘ironing in an anxious way’ i would have struggled, but that is exactly what I found myself doing. Cuddling a responsive MasterB was a massive help. I felt my breathing change at once.

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