The Coronavirus Diaries, 7th May 2020

I have sent my figures to the accountant. Yes, I have (I think) completed all the information required for my tax return. This is usually an autumn activity, November when my work starts to drop off, but this year I am hoping I shall be busy and back in the whirl of the world, doing a job I love.

So a mixture of feelings when I read a rumour is circulating suggesting we may be able to meet in groups of up to a hundred my the middle of next month. A hundred! the number seems impossibly enormous. How would it work? Would we still be keeping our distance from one another? Like daisies in a chain with very long stalks. is it too soon? Would we be sent back to our quiet lives once more? The numbers of people dying are still high. I don’t understand how it can suddenly be safe for lockdown to be eased next week. We aren’t testing in anything like the numbers the government has been promising. In anticipation of an expected easing has already seen more cars on the roads, more people sitting on the grass in the parks. I’d love lockdown to end, but being safe is even more important, and I don’t feel I am being given a coherent message or convincing reasons.

Rumour seemed contradicted by the news tonight, but I wonder if those people who have read the headlines in The Sun and The Mail today may be mislead into thinking that lockdown is coming to a swift end. So ironically, I could be facing a stricter, self-imposed version of lockdown if the streets, the parks, the shops become busier. Also on the news was a report from the City, filmed at Bank Junction this afternoon. Apart from the reporter I saw one other person in a place which is usually buzzing.

After the clap Celia came up the road and declared she had been enjoying some wine in the garden. The perfect way to spend a sunny evening. B&J seemed to enjoying some alcoholic beverages behind their closed windows. we had a chat about possible destinations for our stroll tomorrow. I had completely forgotten it is a bank holiday. With warm weather forecast our local parks will probably be full, but perhaps St James’ will be quiet. We are going to liaise in the morning.

Stay safe, keep well.

6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 7th May 2020

  1. “After the clap Celia came up the road” sent my mind into some unexpected places. Glad you got the taxes out of the way – good to have an accomplish to mark the blur of days that somehow have lost their ordered position. Donna keeps forgetting Wednesdays.

  2. Take care! I am still searching for ONE right decision that this government has made! And that includes brexit. Think of the mess they are going to make of that! I really recently reposted a comment on Facebook that said” relaxing the measures doesn’t mean that the danger is less, it just means that the emergency departments will have a space for you….

    • I should like to know who leaked the idea that lockdown was to to be eased to sections of the press and why. It means the whole message is now very confused, and there will be people looking for that easing to be confirmed on Sunday whatever Johnson says.

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