The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th May 2020

Saturday but less shopping than usual. Rather nice actually, especially as there is definitely a more relaxed attitude to social distancing, so keeping away from the main road and the shops made sense. Last night I was kept awake but a thumping bass somewhere near. A party I reckon. Also much more noise from the streets, people talking, some shouting, police helicopters. I love that people are feeling safer, but I fear it’s all too premature. The weather is fabulous and of course people want to be out and enjoying themselves. Tomorrow the temperature is due to drop, so I hope that makes people stay indoors, stop and think a minute.

The other day I started wondering where my bus pass was. I haven’t used it for more than a month. I found it in my duffel coat pocket. It was like a trip down memory lane. When we were out yesterday, had there not been an open loo at Westminster I thought I might rush home by bus. Bizarrely although we are told avoid public transport it looks safe because we are avoiding it so buses are empty, rarely do you see more than two or three people on one. I couldn’t see a single passenger on a train that hurtled past us yesterday. It’s oxymoronic. If we started using them because they are empty and therefore safe, they become unsafe. But oh the temptation to take a train to the Surrey Hills and walk. Boots and backpack might be a bit of a give-away that travel was not essential. And then there would be the guilt.

Returning via parks and back streets from Elephant Sainsbury’s the only people I spoke to had dogs. I have noticed that if you smile at someone’s pet, that person smiles at you. Nice.

In Faraday Gardens I rather fell for a Yorkiepoo called Pippa. She was trying to get her person to play ball with her, but he had met a friend and was having a chat. Her persistence paid off in the end. I stopped and watched her for several minutes, and her owner told me she is only twelve months old, and a wonderful dog. His mother says she must have been a human being in a previous life, she understands people so well. Last night when MasterB wanted to go out there was a very young Doberman puppy being walked. To my surprise, MasterB didn’t turn a hair. Maybe we could have a dog one day!

Tonight I am enjoying listening to The Big Knight In, there’s still half an hour to go, but if you’ve missed you can catch up on YouTube later. It’s all very local, my mate Danny is DJ-ing, and I am proud to be a part of the fabulous community that is Walworth.

To end, here are four photos from yesterday.

Covent Garden

Nothing without labour

City view one

City view two

Stay safe, keep well.

6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th May 2020

  1. I reckon I’ll have over a thousand dollars auto-added to my transit pass before I ever use it again. It is always reassuring when you post pictures of iconic London – good to know it is still there and you are in it. There is a man who strolls past the window every morning with voice raised in a prayerful and loud Hallelujah. We used to think of him as a crank but now its as reassuring as the unbelievably dull dawn chorus of California Towhee.

    • It’s funny isn’t it imagining how places exist in the absence of people, ad how your hallelujah man has become a comfort and sign of stability in a changed world.

  2. I see, Isobel, you have kept walking in the streets every single day during this nightmare that is the Covid-19 pandemic. And that you can do this happily. As to me I can’t: I feel too unsafe, too vulnerable, too unsecure. I am really scared. Some day I’ll have to dare going out!!! I feel it’s all too premature.
    I envy you!!!
    Take care and stay safe!!!
    Thank you for your bright thoughts and words!!!

    • Hello Maria. Yes, I have walked every day. I avoid busy streets, but I am lucky, I do not have any health issues so shopping for friends and neighbours who do is something I can do to be useful. It is also good for my mental health unless there are people who ignore social distancing in which case I spend the next few hours convinced I am am going to come down with the virus. My inner hypochondriac is very active. Given your very recent surgery I think you are wise to be cautious. Better safe than sorry. Keep well.

  3. It is very generous of you to shop and be helpful to those who have a condition.
    I feel very thakful to you over the distance!!!

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