The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th May 2020

Well I did read the papers, and I can’t say I am reassured. If Cummings is the best advisor Johnson has, I’d hate to think of the damage the worst could inflict on us. Anyway I came across this thread on Titter and it is a wonderfully clear and concise breakdown of recent events. Do click and read it here. Clear and concise not being adjectives one can apply to Cummings, Johnson or just about any minister I have heard recently. Usually the words “we have been quite clear about this..” mean they have obfuscated and are continuing to obfuscate to a dizzying degree.

Thank heaven for cats say I.

Today I have been working on the structure of my new podcast. I thought I had finished the plan, then I read through my notes, and realised there is more to do. Well that’s tomorrow morning sorted. Then housework. There is always housework. I cleaned the fridge yesterday which was satisfying as it is always. I don’t particularly enjoy housework, but I do like the results. Polishing furniture is pleasing, but washing windows is something I find very unrewarding as however carefully I do it there are always smears. It’s discouraging. When I get to the boat there will be more cleaning, both when I get there, and then again before I leave. I am starting to assemble the things I’ll need and put them in the car. When I have posted this I shall take bed linen, bags for recycling and compost, some tinned food to put in the boot.

It’s some days since I posted a photo of MasterB, my partner in lockdown. His Instagram account became disengaged from this blog for reasons I do not begin to understand, but I think I have reconnected it now.

What do you mean, a tiger? It’s just me here.

5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th May 2020

  1. Yes indeed and thank goodness for cats!
    Oh window cleaning tip a friend told me a few years ago and I use which doesn’t smear and doesn’t need expensive and noxious chemicals…is simple cold water squirted from fine spray bottle wipe on with a thick E Cloth and wipe off with a finer E Cloth…works like magic!

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