The Coronavirus Diaries, 29th May 2020

It’s my cousin Russell’s birthday today. I hope he’s having a good one. We are planning to meet up, walk and enjoy a pub lunch when that becomes an option. Perhaps it’s appropriate that I should have a highly sociable socially-distanced evening ahead of me. First there’s the non-alcoholic drinks and nibbles with Michèle, then back home to use the loo, been MasterB and get ready for a socially distanced, Zoom enabled dinner with two lots of neighbours, B&J, and H,J&I. B&J are the hosts, they have invited the rest of us to say thank-you for our shopping trips. It’s a lovely idea, and it’ll be even lovelier when I can ask them to come here for some non-socially-distanced drinks.

I seem to have on the go a lot today, but I can’t say I have achieved a great deal. My efforts at recording my podcast have failed for a variety of reasons – the ‘phone ringing mid recording, Podbean freezing when i tried to upload and then my achieved recording vanishing, my tongue tying itself in knots, and that old mistake of forgetting to cancel the pause button. Maybe tomorrow. I was out in my car briefly and noticed much more traffic.

I see we are allowed to meet in groups of six from Monday, so presumably we can have conversations with more of our friends about the Cummings fiasco. Perhaps we’ll even be singing this song which I found last night on Twitter. I see it has it’s own GoFundMe page. I think I’ll have to fork out a few quid.

The Emily Maitlis fiasco where she has been rerimanded for ‘overstepping the mark’ in her introduction on Newsnight on Tuesday continues. I have now listened to it several times. How this is overstepping makes no sense unless overstepping now means telling the truth when the truth is something the government does not like. If you haven’t seen it, now’s your chance. Just click here. Thank goodness there are still some reporters who stand up and are counted.

Now Twitter has stood up to Trump. Amazing. Perhaps the world really is changing.

Well, that’s about all I have time for now. Have a lovely evening.  Stay safe and keep well.

9 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 29th May 2020

  1. I hope the festivities were festive! Is that six people together in one room or six people distanced by 2 meters each? We’re still at the chatting on the pavement at a distance phase and likely to remain so for some time.

  2. In Barcelona there can be meetings of up to ten people of the same family at home (keeping distances and wearing face masks) and also at outdoor bars and restaurants on the streets. Being outdoors and acquaintances, they ca sit together but have to wear face masks except when drinking or eating. Tables of diferent groups have to be placed 2 metres apart from one another.
    I keep very very cautious. I am much aware about my vulnerability!

  3. Accusing adversaries of overstepping the mark or the thin red line is on the move nowadays, I’m afraid!!!
    As to standing up to Trump is probably because Afroamerican citizens are fed up with the racist position many white citizens stand up to them!
    Maybe their moves are going to make big changes all around

  4. Yes! That’s what we have to do. Struggle to keep our democratic values alive despite the threat of populism.

  5. As to homely ten people gatherings, as you say, homes should be huge to comply with the rule. It’s “a bit” of a nonsense to promote an impossible change whilst, at the same time telling people to stay safe (which, of course is what we need doing).
    This sort of rules generate confusion and produce the opposite effect to the one targeted!

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